Code Craftsman Saturdays & the Forge Celebrate Coderetreat's 10th Anniversary!

Ann Arbor Tech
Ann Arbor Tech
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The Forge by Accenture Industry X.0, Ann Arbor

301 E. Liberty St · Ann Arbor, mi

How to find us

The Forge, 7th floor, Corner of E. Liberty and S. 5th Ave.

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Join us at the Forge FRIDAY evening to enjoy dinner & drinks with like-minded people practicing iterative software design fundamentals, TDD style, with a different pair partner each hour.

You’ll practice the basics of modular and object-oriented design—helping improve your skills to write simple, clean code that makes it easier to change, even over time.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors for food and the venue, Accenture Industry X.0 and the Forge.

Coderetreats are awesome, but GLOBAL Coderetreats are especially so:
This is the 10th year Global Day of CodeRetreat and it will be held on two consecutive days, all over the world. For more info on the Global Day of Code Retreat and to see everywhere it will be happening this year, visit

• Are you into software and looking for ways to improve your craft?
• Don't get the chance to practice pairing or test driving with TDD?
• Would you like to explore new languages or frameworks?
• Looking for how to find the time to deliberately practice coding?
• Would you like to work (play) with others who have similar interests and needs?
If you said yes to any of the above then 2019 GLOBAL Day of Code Retreat punches all of those buttons! (

This year's GDCR 2019 in Ann Arbor will be hosted on FRIDAY by Accenture Industry X.0 and Code Craftsman Saturdays, for the 6th year in a row.

• Fill a room with developers from diverse backgrounds
• Start with an interesting programming problem: Conway's Game of Life.
• Over the day, work with different partners to discuss and solve the problem in lots of different ways.
• Use pair programming and TDD to implement your solutions.

SCHEDULE (approximate):
5 - 6 pm : Check-in and dinner, mingling, and briefing
6 - 6:45 pm : Session #1
6:45 - 7 pm : Retrospective, break
7 - 7:45 pm : Session #2
7:45 - 8 pm : Retrospective, break
8 - 8:45 pm : Session #3
8:45 - 9 pm : Closing circle

Accenture is sponsoring both the space and the food, so that we can focus on honing our skills and building quality code! A big THANK YOU to Accenture Industry X.0.

All you need to bring is an insatiable desire to practice your software crafting skills (and your laptop and power supply). If you have a favorite set of development tools or a favorite test framework(s), make sure they're installed.
That said, no stack is ALSO OK: we use Cyber-Dojo a LOT ( The challenge exercise will be Conway's Game of Life -

FREE PARKING is available on weekdays at ..
- Washtenaw County Courthouse after 5:30pm. Entrance on Anne St, or
- street parking after 6pm.

PAID PARKING is available in the Library Lane and Maynard Parking structures.

A second Global Day of Coderetreat event will take place on Saturday Nov 16th in Detroit from 8:30 am - 5pm.

Can’t get enough of coding? Sign up for Code Craftsmanship in December 14 event: It's a PLIBMTTBHGATY PARTY!