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Catholicism is rich with 2000 years of tradition, the sacraments, the Mass, the saints, and Scripture. And although a fair portion of the bible is covered during the 3 year cycle of Mass readings, every story or letter in scripture has several exciting layers to peel away - kind of like an archeological dig. Did you know that Mary is the fulfilment of the Old Testament's Ark of the Covenant? Did you know why Jesus didn't drink the 3rd cup of wine at the Passover Meal/Last Supper? Do you know that Jesus' sacrifice did not end on the cross nor with the Resurrection, but with his Ascension, and why? Did you know what is most central belief in Christianity is the Trinity?
The group is open to all searching Catholics (or non-Catholics). We will spend an hour a week on select readings (or select topics).
I have participated in bible studies for many years and am happy to help create and sustain a group like this, although I am hopeful someone will be willing to take on the role of facilitator (organizing times and locations, etc.).

Ron Hallagan, Content Organizer

Taylor Maley, Event Organizer

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Jesus chases the merchants from the Temple

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Jesus using a whip in the Temple kind of reminds me of Raider of the Lost Ark. Speaking of which, is there such a thing as acceptable anger? There is!

Jesus and the Bronze Serpent, Genesis cont'd

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4th Sunday in Lent

The Grain of Wheat and Jesus' "Hour"

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5th Sunday in Lent

Palm or Passion Sunday

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Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time and decides to take on the Temple elders.

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The Transfiguration and Expulsion from Eden

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