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Join our group to network, meet and hang out with other Government contractors, BD professionals and Industry business folks from the Annapolis and surrounding area. Our group is open to anyone - existing businesses, startups, small business, big business, entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants, employees and anyone interested in the business of Government. We are a social, networking group organized to help each other in business and to have fun meeting others who understand the language and the peculiarities of the Gov-Con world.

"G2" is the evolved slang military term for information. By it's origin it refers to "intel" or intelligence report or secret data. In today's BD environment for those selling to the government, "G2" is like 411, referring to any bit of knowledge that will help you win that contract or understand a competitive environment. "Give me the G2 on this operation Sarge!" #intelligence #information #gossip #rumor #scoop

Whether it is sharing news or providing helpful info and resources (hence the name "G2") we will endeavor to organize relevant events that are fun but mostly informative to assist with business development, to share expertise, fill skill gaps, and build teams to help our Federal and Government customers accomplish their missions, while at the same time growing our Gov-Con businesses.

You should join if you work in govcon (government contracting), if you are thinking of getting into govcon, if you are a business owner selling to the government, if you are married to a government contractor and want to see if your spouse really is this crazy by meeting other govcon people, if you are a BD person or a sales person looking to sell to the government, if you are the government and want to meet some contractors and mingle with industry, or if you just don't have anything else better to do. Our group is open to anyone interested in the business of government.


We are trying to keep our meetings local to the Annapolis area but will occasionally hold meet-ups in the surrounding counties. Once per month is our goal, but you know how life gets.

Every 2nd Monday of the month 6pm-8pm at Brio Restaurant in the Annapolis Towncenter. Typically in the private dining room adjacent to the bar. *Dates and times subject to change at anytime*.

Most meet-ups will be general networking, but when available we will schedule VIP Guests, Speakers and Presenters to cover topics including:

• Federal Procurement Stuff: FAR, Rules, Regulations

• Current events, contracts and other news & resources

• Strategies for finding (more) business

• State, County or Local Municipal

• Teaming, Joint-Venturing, Buy-Sell & Acquisitions

• etc.

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G2 Happy Hour Networking

Union Jack's Annapolis

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