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After Work Pickup near BWI
** UPDATED ADDRESS: Due to poor Aaronson Rd field conditions, and impending summer soccer camps; we are back at Linthicum Elementary School, on the baseball fields behind the school, for the time being. Stay tuned here for any changes to venue. ** Daylight Savings Time is here, so let's play! Easy going pickup game after work. We get started playing by 6 PM. Bring a light and dark shirt. Grey, pastels, and "Carolina blue" will earn you a serious, yet friendly, berating! This is a friendly game with limited contact, we all have to work on Thursday. Same rules as the other meetups: no slide tackles!; honor system for all fouls; watch your language; bring a big jug of water, you'll need it; and a good attitude always helps! If possible, I would like to keep the group "Adult". Let us please try to keep kids (say, less than 16?) out of this game. Their size, speed, and skill, may not be enough to keep pace, and injuries could occur. See you out there!

Linthicum Elementary School- fields behind school

101 School Lane · Linthicum Heights, md

What we're about

There are few opportunities for adults to play informal soccer in the area. This Meetup exists to fill that void. It is intended to be a meeting place and coordinating function for getting folk who enjoy the "beautiful game" together.

Although the emphasis is on free, friendly, casual and informal coed pickup games, we welcome information on formal leagues and local soccer related events and gatherings.

If you have a regular pickup game and want to increase the attendance, let us know, we'd be glad to help.

If you intend to attend a meetup, please RSVP, if you liked(or disliked) the experience, please mention it here. That is only way that good stuff will continue to happen and not so good stuff will stop.

Just a reminder: These pickups work because we play respectfully. All of us have to get up and walk into work the next day. As a result, we each have a responsibility to look out for the others, even our opponents. If the desire to win exceeds the desire to play together, these pickups will wither and die. Please play well with others.

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