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Annihilation of Caste is a dream of Dr. Ambedkar which our eyes also see. This group is an attempt to create a platform where we all can come together and understand the caste system and how it affects the lives around us. This is a co-learning space for all of us. A baby-step towards our common dream of a casteless society.

Anyone from us can propose meetups, host them themselves, get people together to read Dr. Ambedkar's essay Annihilation of Caste which is freely available online. We can also have sessions focused on particular topics about caste such as violence, discrimination at work, gender, education, etc. Please use this platform for yourself and the people around you. Come together to question, contemplate, discuss and do something about ending the caste system.

About us - We, Jaati Unmoolan Samaaj, aim to initiate a public dialogue on the problem of caste. JUS aims to problematize caste and engage public in understanding and fighting it. We have one such discussion group in Mumbai which frequently meets to discuss how caste can be annihilated (you can visit the Mumbai group page at - https://www.meetup.com/Annihilation-of-Caste/ ). JUS has also collaborated with Ambedkar King Study Circle in California, US. We are open to expanding this platform to any location and welcoming anyone who wants to join this struggle against caste. You can reach us at jaatiunmoolansamaaj@gmail.com. Also join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/359623221143117/ .


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Understanding and challenging Caste (Conference call)

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