• Nucleation of Savitri Bai Fatima Sheikh Learning Centre

    Gyan Prerna Budh Vihar

    Savitribai and Fatima Sheikh were the pioneers of education in 19th century who ran the first girl's school to spread knowledge and give opportunity for learning to marginalized communities, especially women. We are looking for people who are inspired by them to participate in this initiative which aims to provide holistic, experimental, experiential and participatory education with the community near Gyan Prerna Budh Vihar, Opp Baiganwadi Junction, Govandi. We are here for creative curriculum development and execution that is resonating with the needs of the learners and not just textbook jargon. We are especially looking for people who are willing to give time to actively engage with the community by doing ground work (at least once a month) and build an everlasting friendship with them that cuts across socio-economic barriers, and not consider this as 'charity' but rather see it as a movement towards 'parity'. Those with 'great ideas' who cannot spend time with the community, please excuse. We will be holding more such meetups till we have enough (at least 5) dedicated volunteers.

  • Experience talks, with Adv. Shashank

    Conference Call

    After graduating in 2011 from National Law School, Lucknow, Adv. Shashank started his practice in the Supreme Court of India. After working with multiple senior lawyers on human rights, currently Shashank is working independently in Delhi. Shashank's areas of interest are Constitutional law, criminal law, disability law, Right to Education, and Right to Information. He also works with non-profit organizations on various causes such as secularism, grassroots-level democracy, and Bharat-Pakistan forum. In this talk, Shashank will share his experiences of working on human rights cases, defending marginalized communities, and practicing socialism.

  • Experience talks, with Dr. B L Bhartiya

    Conference Call

    Dr. B L Bhartiya is an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, SMS Medical College, Jaipur. He also runs ASEEM, Ambadker Social Equity and Empowerment Mission, that works towards organizing and creating solidarity among different oppressed caste groups. ASEEM is also holding the 2nd National Convention on Social Equity and Empowerment, Bhim Milan 2018, on 25 December in Jaipur. In this talk, Dr. Bhartiya will share his experience of building ASEEM from the scratch and what other anti-caste activists can learn from it.

  • Experience talks, with Jogitha Josey

    Conference Call

    Jogitha, a volunteer and community organizer, will share her experiences of working on education with the kids from underprivileged communities at multiple locations in Navi Mumbai. She will particularly talk on what are the challenges faced by tribal children of Warli communities in Palghar district near Mumbai, how she deals with them, and what other community organizers can learn from her experience. We invite all the interested group members to join us in learning from our peers.

  • Understanding and challenging Caste (Conference call)

    Let us share our perspectives on caste and casteism, our experiences, concerns, and opinions. Let us also deliberate how we can address the problem, both individually and collectively, going forward. Our group will also share the ongoing activities and how you can be a part of it.

  • Wall Painting of Budh Vihar and discussion on further course of action

    We have all the paints and brushes and no one is an expert. Please bring your cheerful presence, that's it! Also we have ample time to discuss about: - Safai Karmchari welfare newsletter - Education volunteers for Govandi and other centers - Getting kids admitted to school by RTE - Setting up a study circle and library at Budh Vihar - Any otherwork that you would like to take up Hope to see you on this colorful event!

  • Let there be no strangers: Getting to know each other

    Imagine a small world where we are cave-humans and foragers...there a group of 658 members would definitely qualify as a robust tribe. But are we ? Thus let us be no strangers to each other, for the common reason and shared vision we are united for. Requesting all members of the group to share: - About your self - Why did you join the group 'Annihilation of Caste' - Where is it convenient for you to attend or maybe host meetups? - How can you contribute for annihilation of caste ? We are trying and we need your: Space-time, energy, unique skills and lots of patience and zeal for ground work like: - Hosting meetups for spreading of ideas/knowledge sharing - Teaching and education related support for community development - Providing alternative employment - Scientific support for providing cleaner environment and efficient and smart technologies relevant to the community - Artistic actions like paintings, sketches, animation making, music, drama, dance etc... - Legal support for fighting cases - Medical support for curing ailments and preventing diseases - Games, sports, athletics, kabaddi, indoor football/handball, table tennis, marathons etc trainers for budding athletes - Ground level reporting of incidents for possibility of prompt action, esp in case of sewer related accidents/deaths - What else ? As of now we are active in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Get in touch by dropping a message at[masked]. We need your financial support for: - Monthly/quarterly/annual/one-time for funding young teachers and ground level activists as stipend - Funding for safai karmcharis families in distress - Material donations esp for books, computers etc, as per ground level requirement - CSR/NGO support groups for setting up electricity, water supply and small scale industries - Something more worldly wise ? (All transactions shall be transparent and every donor has the right or rather a duty to know how and where their dough was put to use) Last but the latest trend for supporting online, (and realizing such a small tribe we are still in this chota sa web-dunia): - Online campaigns for socio-political reforms - Filing online petitions - Being active in social media like meetup.com and facebook - Writing articles for annihilationofcaste.in - Online fund raising, for example at ketto.org as per ground level requirement - Animations/images/narratives depicting stories, images and voices of past victories against caste...current day problems and our collective attempts...and based on that a guideline for future actions to annihilate caste Let us unite for synergising our vision. - What is your future vision after annihilation of caste ? - What kind of society do you imagine which is free of caste ? The more vivid the description the better for other dreamers and doers to comprehend. We all have about a week's time till 15th April to answer these questions as a general comment in the forum and get to know each other. Those who respond shall be part of the group. If removed also it does not mean the doors are shut, feel free to join back as and when ready for some action! May our tribe increase in both members, actions and interactions. Let us be no strangers to each other, and let's get together for... ANNIHILATION OF CASTE!

  • Literature of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: Purpose, Phases, Perspective, and Dynamics

    • What we'll do The idea is to talk about our understanding of literature of Dr. Ambedkar and how we interpret and portray it in current time. What are the phases of our understanding of his literature, what we derived from its dynamism. Thus, we will discuss how he went on writing about multiple topics of relevance for not just Dalit population but entire India and how we could possibly utilize it as catalyst of current socio-political development • What to bring The book you liked the most written by Dr. Ambedkar. • Important to know This is going to be an interactive session with some activities.

  • Role of non-Dalits in the anti-caste movement

    Deonar farm road

    • What we'll do Let us take this opportunity to meet each other and discuss the future course of action for non-Dalit people interested in the anti-caste movement. Please contact Sheeva at [masked]. • What to bring • Important to know

  • One act play on the life of Savitribai Phule

    Gyan Prerna Budh Vihar

    Savitribai Jyotirao Phule (3 January 1831 –10 March 1897) was an Indian social reformer and poet. Along with her husband, Jyotirao Phule, she played an important role in improving women's rights in India during British rule. Phule, along with her husband founded the first girls' school in Pune run by native Indians at Bhide Wada in 1848. She worked to abolish discrimination and unfair treatment of people based on caste and gender. She is regarded as an important figure of the social reform movement in Maharashtra. Smt. Usha Ambhore has been working relentlessly for the past 20 years in the Ambedkarite Feminist Movement. She is a retired BMC worker. She defies her old age by passionately going to different villages and spreading thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and Savitribai Phule through her captivating one act play. It is our great pleasure to welcome one and all for the One Act Play by Smt. Usha Ambhore, on one our revolutionary role models, Savitribai. Contact: Prachi [masked]) Jogitha [masked]) Nikhilesh [masked]