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Topic Requests: https://goo.gl/forms/yDLutdAGM4A2WSDm2

Presenter Sign Ups: https://goo.gl/forms/Oqvq7IzDFYwJkM9M2

Topic Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/lmtwDMRoLQltlqKh2


If you have been to Data Science meetups before, you might know that topics vary from being directly applicable to what you do to something extremely sophisticated. Presenters share what they have worked on or learned about recently and attendees learn and ask questions about that.

This group is just opposite to that. "Attendees come with questions and Presenters talk about that"

How does this work?

1. Every meetup is going to have requests, ANONYMOUSLY, from attendees on topics they are interested in, problems they are stuck with at work or school projects.

2. Request with highest votes(or Top N) will be presented next meetup by someone experienced with that topics or issues. VOTES ARE ANONYMOUS TOO!

When will this meetup start?

It will start once it reaches 100 members. This sounds ambitious but having atleast that many is important to get wide options of topics from attendees and get presenters interested to talk about requested topics.


Do you get stuck working on some project at work or class but that problem is so unique to you and hence cannot find answers easily

Do you feel, sometimes, presenters benefit more by sharing their knowledge than attendees?

You want to present on a topic but not sure which topic to talk about or what interests your audience?

You would like to get your resume reviewed? (Anonymously, if you want)

If your answer is Yes for any of these questions, then this might be for you.

In short, this is a Professional Mentorship Group

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