Ansible Barcelona January 2016


Happy new year!

Let's kick things off, shall we?

We'll be getting together again for two new talks, this time focused on Ansible development of custom modules and roles.

And since we've been good boys and girls, Ansible is sponsoring us again with some swag, drinks and food!


Ansible modules from scratch by Xavi S.B. (@xavi_xsb ( Systems engineer at Typeform

How to create your own Ansible modules in any programming language + a working example in Python.

Ansistrano by Carlos Buenosvinos (@buenosvinos ( CTO at Atrápalo

Ansible Galaxy roles to easily manage the deployment process for scripting applications such as PHP, Python and Ruby. It's an Ansible port of Capistrano.

Q&A, swag giveaway

Pizza & beer powered networking sponsored by Ansible


Redbooth will be hosting us again in their amazing office. We thank them again for your continuing support

Ansible is hooking us up (again!) with some stickers and t-shirts, as well as some food and drinks