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Ansible is a New Zealand Group for bring together people building out automation stacks using Ansible and share learnings, provide training and networking.

Ansible is an Open Source project aiming to create simplicity in automation of infrastructure and applications.

Ansible is based on Python and has the concept of "playbooks" which are used to describe tasks such as creating servers, deploying code or anything else that can be done on servers such as installing packages etc...

You can also provision and manage network infrastructure such as Cisco and Juniper hardware, providing you with speed of deployment when managing several network devices

With it's simple YAML syntax, but powerful extensibility through modules and plugins Ansible is fast becoming the tool of choice for sys admin and development professionals globally.

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Thanks Ansible Tower! Now All Hail - The Automation Controller (AAP2)

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Calling all IT automation and Ansible enthusiasts alike - whether you're starting out or you have been maturing your enterprise automation strategy via Ansible, come and join us as we talk about the latest on AAP2 (Ansible Automation Platform 2).

Topics covered

  • Red Hat's solution architect Ashor Benjamin will give us a quick overview on AAP2 (Ansible Automation Platform), the vast improvements and updates that we need to know.
  • SAS IT's solutions consultant, Feliz Karnadi will also show us the new ways of creating Ansible automation content and new Execution Environments (EE) through Ansible Builder
  • He will also demo how to use EE on Ansible Navigator and how they all tie up together using the job templates and workflows on the Automation Controller GUI, previously known as Tower.

About the Speakers

Feliz Karnadi is an avid user of Ansible since 2018. He has automated a lot of workloads and has helped Red Hat with Ansible enablement in the past. He loves Ansible as much as he loves his food. He thinks that if something has an API, it should be automated.
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/feliz-karnadi-61621263/

Ashor Benjamin is one of our very own Ansible Meetup hosts. He is a solution architect at Red Hat who is motivated by innovation, technology and how things work!
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashorbenjamin/

See you there!

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