What we're about

"Pub Theology" is a gathering of open minds and open hearts where challenging questions and meaningful and respectful discussion are always on tap.

The format is simple: a good beverage, awesome conversation, and God. It's a place to explore the wisdom each one of us brings to the table as we speak candidly about all the really important matters of life.

Pub Theology believes that we learn to live our lives by doing what Jesus did. He came from heaven to earth to have conversations with people just like us. He went to parties and was always in the everyday places of life so that people could get to know him better.

Our hope is that you have a great time but that you also get the opportunity to walk away with something meaningful to take with you and apply it to your everyday life: your relationships, your family, your job and even your downtime.

So bring a friend, bring your questions, and pull up a chair. There is nothing to prepare. Be open and ready to have fascinating conversations with people with different faith perspectives, life journeys, and philosophical viewpoints.

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Our Topic: Does God Play Favorites?

Archie Moore's Bar & Restaurant

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