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Welcome to Answer To Anxiety. Today is your lucky day! You have found a safe place to begin your journey of getting beyond your anxiety and depression. It will be a triathlon, not a sprint, and I'm in your race with you until you cross the finish line!

You have clicked on my group to check out what I offer to help you with your anxiety and depression. The bad news is that you missed the 4 live Answer To Anxiety Workshops I taught in September, October, and November of 2018. The good news is that they are on video so you can still receive my help with your anxiety and depression. Even though many people were helped during my live Workshops, not enough people attended for me to continue that model. I knew back in July when I was planning my Workshops, that people who suffer from anxiety and depression may not be comfortable leaving their homes, but I wanted to "step out of the boat" in trying to help others. I still remember what that general anxiety and/or paralyzing fear feels like. I also remember being so depressed that it was near impossible to drag myself out of my home.

Now that our Answer To Anxiety group is over 250 members, I know there are many of you that are seeking the help I offer but you may not feel well enough to leave your homes. So I am changing gears in 2019. I will bring my message of help and hope to you. I love the energy from the live format, so I will continue to teach my live Workshops, but instead of you coming to me, I will be coming to you through the internet. We will have group Answer To Anxiety Workshops via the internet. I will teach a different subject at each Workshop for about 1 hour and then I will open up for your questions and discussion. During each Workshop, it's important for you to be able to "ask the expert" how you can manage your anxiety and depression. I promise you that you will feel much better at the end of our Workshop then you may have felt at the beginning.

During my ongoing Workshops, you will be taught the many different reasons why you feel anxiety and depression and most importantly, what you can do about it. You will learn what is causing your anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, and the power you have to control those feelings. Yes, I said that YOU HAVE THE POWER within you right now to regain the control that you once had before your anxiety and depression took over your life. I have been where you are. I know the constant torment you are living in. I suffered for more years then I care to remember with anxiety so severe that I barely left my home. It is no wonder that I then became clinically depressed. It took me years to figure out how to end the hell I was living in. Once I regained the power to make the decisions in my life, instead of my anxiety and depression making my decisions, I knew I had to teach others how to do the same.

Reach out and take the help I am offering you. The world needs what only you can offer. It's time to start dreaming again and making plans to do all that you have always wanted to do with your life. This is a serious subject that I will approach with joy and humor. We all need to relax and lighten up a bit! We will have a good time together.

Until I have a kick off date in 2019 for my Answer To Anxiety Online Live Workshops, you can stay informed by joining facebook.com/AnswerToAnxiety and Instagram@AnswerToAnxiety. Occasionally I will send a group email to all the members in my Meetup group, so if you have chosen not to receive emails from Meetup, send your email address to Lori@AnswerToAnxiety.com so I can contact you directly when my Live Online Workshops are going to begin.

Until that time, you will find the video of a my Answer To Anxiety Live Workshop #1 on facebook.com/AnswerToAnxiety. There is no charge for my 2 hour Workshop #1. You will also find Workshop #2, available for $19.97. Workshops #3 and 4 will be posted soon.

I also offer one to one phone mentoring. Email Lori@AnswerToAnxiety.com for more information. When it is just you and me on the phone, we can get you feeling better much quicker.

I am excited for all we will accomplish together in 2019. I healed myself from anxiety and depression and you can too. You can do this!

Sincerely, Lori

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Free yourself from the bondage of anxiety & depression.

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Free yourself from the bondage of anxiety & depression.

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