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This group will benefit anyone with or at risk of a chronic disease including auto-immune conditions, cardio-vascular disease, fatigue, neurological conditions, high blood pressure, skin conditions, conditions of the gut, fatty liver etc.

Inflammation is present in most chronic diseases.

That's actually understating it..

The science is showing inflammation may be the cause of many chronic diseases

Functional Medicine (https://fairfieldnutrition.com.au/functional-medicine-melbourne/)sees the body as one integrated system. And so inflammation that starts in the gut may quickly lead to inflammation throughout the body through "leaky gut" and may lead to many conditions, even affect how we think and feel.

There are many causes of why inflammation may occur including

- Diet - sugar, trans fats, additives, processed foods, lack of omega-3s (from fish), excess omega-6s, refined carbohydrates, excess alcohol

- Stress

- Lack of sleep and rest

- Sickness

- Lack of Exercise

By addressing inflammation, we can bring our bodies back to optimum function at the cellular level, using nutrition and lifestyle changes. The body then has the resources it needs to heal itself..

You can regain our health and vitality!

This group will initially include presentations by a Functional Medicine practitioner and Nutritional Therapist (http://www.fairfieldnutrition.com.au).

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