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No hard feelings Seattle, we actually 💙 all the fun things you have to offer! This group is for anyone new or old to Seattle looking to create or add to their community...activities might range from a run around Green Lake, happy hour, a hike, to whatever idea floats your boat! ⛵️

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Old Sauk River Trail ! Beginners Hike !

Green Lake Park-and-Ride

Another beginners hike. That is not too strenuous but beautiful. Group will travel on a moderate pace. Hike with people of your skill level. The Old Sauk River was originally a Native American trail . Our Very own AISSATA and CHEN will lead this beautiful hike. Old Sauk River Trail is a 6 mile out and back trail located near Darrington, Washington that features fungi, rivers and beautiful flora/fauna. Members will enjoy the gentle grade and views of the water crashing into the river from the steep banks opposite the trail. Old Sauk River Trail is a relatively easy, popular hike off the Mountain Loop Highway, so WTA crews visit this location annually to repair any damage it has sustained during the months. Enjoy the moss draped trees and green carpeted forest floor. In spring, look for twinflower and trillium. In winter, the yellow of turning devils club foliage, bigleaf maple and golden brown ferns add a splash of color to the bright green moss. How many kinds and colors of mushrooms can you find along the path? Mushrooms love the decaying wood of old stumps and leaves found here. Since the river supports migrating steelhead, birders should keep an ‘eagle eye’ out for osprey and herons, and in the winter, eagles. Cross a wooden bridge, and catch a view of the river. This area was logged in the 1930s, and along this section one can see the remnants of old growth stumps, the springboard cuts barely visible. Notice some 100 foot tall trees that have grown from these old stumps. One grand old stump supports a vine maple, a hemlock, ferns and a huckleberry! This will be an easy relaxing hike. On a rainy days, there will be very few people here. It will be nice having the place to ourselves! Bring your cameras for wonderful photos and selfies. The gorgeous mountain scenery comes to an extraordinary climax at the River. The drive will be equally beautiful !! This will be a full day so be prepared to have an adventure. Please indicate if you are willing to drive and how many can you fit. Preference to larger vehicles. **Parking Fee or Northwest Forest Pass Needed. Things to Pack: Bring hiking shoes, Jacket, warm clothing with layers, extra pair of socks, change of clothes, water, snacks, etc. If you plan on being a rider please bring $10 for your driver towards gas, park entrance fees etc. Also bring a plastic bag to place your boots in after the hike. Please note two no-shows and/or late cancel (after 9pm Friday) and you won't be able to attend future events. Important: You and you alone are responsible for your own safety. Please know your abilities before signing up. There will be a wait list with the preference given to drivers. Thank you for your patience. I will add more people to the going list as more drivers confirm they are going. Come join new and old friends in the Washington Mountains . Your last minute cancellation deprives another of an opportunity to join us so we are not very forgiving with regard to no-shows. If you sign-up and cancel the day of the event, you will be excluded from my future events.** **After the hike we will stop off at a local restaurant* support small business** ***CARPOOLING IS ENCOURAGED***Use the message system to arrange rides* You will need to pay for your food and activities while on this trip. We will have name tags for all my events. So I get to know your name and makes it easy to mingle. Two no show policy will be applied. RSVP ETIQUETTE: Since we have limited space I ask that you be considerate of others and commit to your RSVP. Your no-show may prevent someone else from attending and you from attending other limited events like this. See more! Do more! Explore! We hope you can join us for a fun filled Adventure Weekend. Remember if you miss this event. You'll miss an awesome experience . ***As far as this event system goes, participation is voluntary and you attend at your own risk, and that Organizers are indemnified.

SOLD OUT: Axe Throwing!

Axe Kickers

Throw down like a viking with some axe throwing! 🎟️ CLICK LINK FOR OUR GROUP RATE: https://knct.club/2NebKgN 🎟️ It's the very first axe throwing arena in the Seattle area. Aim at a bulls eye on a wooden score board similar to throwing darts and earn points. 🎯 🎯 HOW TO PLAY: 1. Two throwers compete at a time, axe to axe. 2. Each thrower gets 5 throws per round. 3. Throwers score points for each axe that sticks the target. 4. High score wins round. Best of 3 rounds wins match! ***If you've never thrown an axe, don't worry. An Axe Guard will be with us the entire time and teach us the best throwing technique.*** Join us for a fun get together with a drink and some axe throwing while making new connections! 🍻 🎟️ CLICK LINK FOR OUR GROUP RATE: https://knct.club/2NebKgN 🎟️

Meet and Greet to Discuss the Overnight Party Cruise

Interested in going on the Overnight Party Cruise in May but want more info and meet others interested in going as well? Let's get together for a meet and greet to mix and mingle with other party cruisers! ~Claudette Bring your questions, ideas, travel buddies but most importantly bring yourself and see why these overnight cruise events are so much fun. We can even talk about plans for going up the day/night before, spending it in Vancouver. See details about the cruise at: https://www.meetup.com/AntiFreezeSeattle/events/258970048/

Game of Thrones Pre-Viewing Party! Beer and Pizza !

Big Time Brewing Company

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnhFBlkzYe8 We will be viewing the entire season of Game of thrones from the beginning to the current. Two episodes a night in a group setting. Come enjoy some good food and drink, soak in the stories, and Make some new friends. Don't miss this season of "Game of Thrones" because you haven't paid your cable bill. When the highly anticipated seventh season of the HBO drama returns in April, we'll get a glimpse into the beginnings of Cersei's reign as queen and might finally see John Snow, Arya Stark reunite with her siblings. If you don’t have HBO or a place to watch the new season spend the night out and head to the Big time Brewery in the Udistrict. The main bar that’s hosting a “GOT” watch party every week. **NO FREELOADERS...we ask you at least get food or beer to help the establishment out** *The previous episodes will be shown at 6pm. Two episodes a night till the final season starts . Stuff your face with a meaty pizza and great beer. Also bar specials at this U district bar and eatery. No utensils will be necessary at this party, so eat like you’re at Kings Landing and pig out, literally. FREE parking on the street on Sundays !! Come on down meet some new friends ! Drink some beer and eat some food. Then watch the newest episode of Game of thrones! Great way to end a wonderful weekend. GOT Fans Unite. RSVP ETIQUETTE: Since we have limited space I ask that you (and your guest) be considerate of others and commit to your RSVP. Your no-show may prevent someone else from attending and you from attending other limited events like this.

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