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The forgotten art of relaxation...
What MindfulThinking@Play aims to do is show how meditation, mindfulness and a host of wellbeing techniques play a major role in helping us observe how our mind and body flourishes when we're relaxed.

Bridging the gap between ourselves and our imagination...
Other forms of relaxation we teach at our workshops and retreats are; mindful writing, contemplative photography and meditative drawing which connects to the senses and sharpen awareness. And some alternative ways such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), Autogenics (teaches you to self-produce a feeling of warmth and heaviness throughout your body), creative visualisation and transformational breathing...to name a few.

There are so many ways to relax the mind and body...it's all about training the mind to relax and think in a more inspired.

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The SlowDown - Mindful Eating



Being mindful about food means activating all the senses to increase our awareness, thoughts, feelings, motivations and insight into our how we eat and what we eat. So, to kick off our SlowDown, we will indulge in a chocolate meditation to increase mindful awareness, bring you to the present moment and lead you into different sensations. We will also discuss mindful eating techniques and conscious ways of eating. As well as talk about foods known to combat stress, relax, improve energy, are anti-ageing and can focus the mind. We will also make healthy treats such as bliss balls with essential oils, introduce you to raw vegan food and, demonstrate how using super herbs can support and rebalance the body. This fun, interactive workshop will provide you with a holistic approach to food and of course, all the best conversations start in the kitchen! Investment: 15 euros (including bliss balls for you to take home with you). Address; The Studio, Lange Leemstraat. To register, contact; [masked] OR Maryam: [masked]

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