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A warm welcome to women lifestyle lounge and well-being parties
we'd like to wish you a warm welcome to woman lifestyle lounge and well-being parties, whether you're a new member or a seasoned pro!

We hope you've all had some time to relax and reconnect with your inner essence and are feeling refreshed and excited for the year ahead after the hardship and tress of coronavirus!

This year, we want to make sure you all thrive in your health and in your businesses by organising different wellbeing and wellness gatherings such as massage parties, meditation sessions healthy long walks and meeting up for healthy cooking leas and business gatherings.

Your health and wellbeing are just as important as the breath you breathe - don't worry, we'll be here to remind you! If you ever need it.

We have a wide range of support available to all the members. There are many ways that you can look after your wellbeing while working or even studying,

To get you started, here are five great ways to look after your wellbeing that you can keep in mind as you become a member of our family :

1. Connect
It is important to build and maintain a supportive network with the same minded people, Make some time to spend with family and friends and develop new relationships.

Keep active
Keeping active is beneficial for both your mental and physical wellbeing. You might not need a gym membership to do this! Immerse yourself in activities you enjoy; go for a walk, cycle with us. Get an amazing massage in our massage parties, meditate or get involved with our sports team.

3. Learn new skills
Challenge yourself, be curious and try out new activities. Learning helps build your confidence and gives you a sense of achievement. come and try that thing you've always wanted to do whatever that may be!

4. Give
Getting involved helps us to strengthen relationships and gives us a sense of purpose and self-worth. Helping and supporting other people, and working with others towards a shared goal, is good for our mental wellbeing. This might mean volunteering in our community or simply offering a kind word to our group. It’s often the little things that matter.

5. Be mindful
Take time each day to consider how you're feeling and what's going on around you. Being mindful can have a positive effect on the way you feel about life and any challenges you may face. don't be afraid to share your thoughts with us

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