Pressing Pause Retreat (for anxiety & fatigue relief)

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This retreat is specially designed for people who experience chronic or regular bursts of anxiety or something similar whether generally worrisome mind or experience elements of an overactive mind. All classes and workshops will be tailor-made for this, allowing you to enjoy a weekend of stress-free ease with plenty of downtime and chances to use new techniques. Not to mention be around like-minded souls to truly feel understood and listened to.

Yoga level

This is set to a gentle yoga level. We wouldn’t describe it as beginners or advanced because yoga means more than the physical. However, it’s a good level for beginners to join even if you’ve never done yoga before. Those who are more experienced are more than welcome to our classes and retreats and often do so due to the mindfulness-based approach to yoga and the emphasis on emotional release as part of the yogic process, in support of their more physical-based yoga.

Anxiety and fatigue

If you regularly experience anxiety or have had an acute stage turn chronic or excessive and need some much needed time out, but also learning and practicing the tools and techniques to gain your life back through then you will find it on this much-needed sanctuary. You will be welcomed gently and be comforted knowing you are in a safe place surrounded by supportive people.

The Retreat Leaders

Nicola wants to share with you how we can work through anxiety by exploring various anxiety relief techniques that she has discovered on her own healing journey and also ones she has been trained in as part of her profession as a psychologist and hypnotherapist, NLP coach, trainer and facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master and more. Looking at the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology around anxiety, she has worked with naturopaths, hypnotherapists, energy healers and so on in my own recovery of adrenal fatigue and found her place back to health from burnout from her corporate role and personal trauma, resulting in fatigue that often comes with anxiety.

Julie Flowers is a fully qualified and experienced Integrative Counsellor which is a combination of Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy. Julie is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Access bars practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and Life coach with a great passion for personal and spiritual growth and development. Julie has a passion for helping people understand themselves, the way they
think, behave and feel, helping her clients to unravel their thoughts and feelings and to understand and express their emotions enabling peace of mind.

Phil Beale is a Master Teacher offering treatments on this retreat. Phil spent the first part of his career in engineering and IT before becoming a corporate sales manager working for one of the larger Japanese computer companies. It was while working there that he first visited Japan and encountered the uniquely spiritual way of life and business as it is conducted there. During this time Phil also had his first experience of spiritual healing when he was called upon to assist a loved one who was in extreme pain and distress. Knowing nothing more at that point than hearsay, he was able to call upon his guides to assist in bringing relief to the person who was suffering, an event which set him upon a path of discovery and brought him to where he is today.

Tom Stacey is a Gong & Sound healer , musician and facilitator of kirtan mantra chant events. He is also both a hatha and kundalini yoga teacher and is trained as a tai chi & qi gong instructor. He will be running a Tai Chi class with us this time and later in the year joining Inspire -Rewire in a Energy and Sound Healing weekend retreat. He offers sessions in mantra chanting voicework and Yoga and has facilitated group kirtan sessions and bhajan at many different locations including temples and yoga studios.

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