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I am Dr. Alessandro Borrelli - I have a PhD in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I am also a Life and Mental Health Coach specialized in anxiety and depression disorders. I will help you will regain full control of your thoughts and have relief from the spiral of anxiety and depression, achieving the peace and quality of your life that you deserve!

I worked for more than 10 years in hospitals and private practice to help many clients and patients overcome anxiety and depression in a short period of time!

- I have created a Facebook group where we can support and encourage each other in our individual paths:


Let's get together to discuss our struggles, symptoms, causes / effects and solution options for where we are on our individual paths right now!


Dr. Alessandro Borrelli is an expert in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Using meditation, mind-body techniques, psychotherapy, positive psychology and generative coaching Dr. Borrelli helps his clients overcome their challenges.
Dr. Borrelli uses a very effective protocol and combination of techniques when working with clients who struggle with anxiety. His high success rate for helping clients overcome anxiety using combined skills means clients experience healing at the level of the nervous system, as well as gaining important self-empowerment tools to handle future situations.
With a reduction in perfectionism, obsessions and excess worry, his clients report improvement in personal and professional aspects of their lives, in addition to improved productivity, motivation, focus and a decrease in procrastination.
Dr. Borrelli’s clients are able to effectively control their anxiety symptoms and regain full control of their lives. The "Metamorphosis Coaching Program", which Dr. Borrelli personally developed, is a 3 month one-on-one coaching program, that combines principles of psychotherapy, positive psychology and generative coaching with excellent results in his clients mental and emotional lives!

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