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This group is for people living in Leicester and the Midlands who have the desire to meet new people in the community but suffer from Social Anxiety and other related anxiety disorders.

I know how it feels to not be able to meet people, make friends, keep friends, get nervous in public, over-text (text people over the top), say the wrong things due to paranoia, worry about what other people are thinking of me or feel anxious when eating in front of other people. I have been there, I understand and I totally sympathise. I have experienced and performed all of those things in the past.

What I aim to do with this group is to encourage, support and assist people with overcoming their Social Anxiety and other anxiety related disorders by bringing them together through hosting a variety of meet ups in relaxing, comfortable and friendly settings. It could be anything from going for a few drinks, watching a movie at the cinema or meditating together! We will also get together and share our own personal stories and discuss methods, techniques and strategies for coping with or overcoming anxiety :)

People will always be welcomed with a warm welcome, a smile and a handshake (not mandatory if you don't want to) regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or sexuality.

Expect the following meetups:

- Eating out
- Cinema
- Theatre
- Walks
- Picnics
- Guided & Unguided Meditation sessions
- Storytime (share personal experiences)
- Anxious No More (discuss methods, techniques and strategies for coping with or overcoming anxiety)
- Yoga
- Colour Therapy

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