Apache Druid Munich ~ Winter 2019 Meetup

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Ippen Digital GmbH & Co. KG

Paul-Heyse-Straße 2 · München

How to find us

The meetup will be held in the "Pressehaus Bayerstrasse" near the central station. You will find the entrance / reception in the inner courtyard. There will be signs that guide you to the correct event room.

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The first meeting of the Apache Druid Munich meetup is here! Hosted by Ippen Digital we welcome speakers from Imply, inovex and dmTech, and Ippen Digital.

"Apache Druid: the fast, real-time, open source analytics data store”
Peter Marshall, Field Engineering, Imply

Apache Druid (incubating) makes it easier than ever for companies to derive insights from vast quantities of data, building highly-scalable, low-latency, democratic, interactive data exploration experiences. After giving a brief history of Druid, Peter will present a sample of exciting real-world examples of Apache Druid in action, highlighting the technical and business problems Druid will help you to solve.

Peter Marshall leads the Field Engineering services for Europe at Imply, a company founded by the original developers of Druid. Peter has 20 years of enterprise architecture experience covering CRM, EDRM, ERP, EIP, Digital Services, Security, BI, Analytics, and MDM. He is TOGAF certified and has a BA (hons) degree in Theology (!) and Computer Studies from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

"The Ippen Digital Data Journey. From Descriptive Analytics to Prescriptive Analytics"
Markus Franz, CTO, Ippen Digital

At Ippen Digital we LOVE data. Our Data Journey started a long time ago and is about advanced data analytics and the transformation of our editors from opinions to facts. To accomplish our real time Analytics Platform we use two core technologies - Apache Kafka and Apache Druid. This journey is underpinned by concrete products and examples.

Markus Franz is the CTO of Ippen Digital, a technical partner for local publishers. Markus looks back on decades of experiences in resilient software design, continuous and real-time stream processing, cloud computing, micro-services and CMS platforms. He has been with Ippen Digital for over ten years - almost from the beginning. At first, he was responsible for the backend and eventually also the frontend. Today, he is a member of the executive board and head of the entire technology department of Ippen Digital. Markus and his team are continuously developing and improving the ID platform and its hosting.

"druid@dm: Scalable Realtime Insights into Customer Activities"
Johannes Schillinger, Analytics Platform Engineer, dmTech

The goal of the Customer Experience Analytics team (CXA) at dmTech is to enhance each dm customer's experience by using data-driven approaches based on a variety of channels (e.g. offline and online shopping activities). For this purpose, a scalable Hadoop-based analytics platform has been deployed, enabling analysts to perform large-scale experiments and build e.g. intelligent recommendation systems.

Recently, the requirements for more timely insights into all aspects of dm customers' activities are becoming more and more important. In this shift from batch-oriented to stream-oriented processing, dm needed a real time visualisation of customer activities across all shopping channels.

Having ~10Mio events / day, we required a tool that integrated well with our Hadoop environment and was able to answer queries in a reasonable time without large resource requirements. After an initial evaluation, Apache Druid was chosen as the backend for the solution. This talk will present the architecture we run, data flows and a demo of the real time visualisation.

Johannes is working in the platform team for the customer analytics big data platform at dmTech. In this role, he is responsible for the realiable setup, operations and maintenance of the entire Hadoop-based technology stack, along with its integration into the existing IT landscape. One recent focus hereby is to enhance the realtime capabilities of the platform by streaming- and event-driven approaches like Kafka and Druid. With more than 5 years of experience in Big Data Operations and Engineering, Johannes has deep technical knowledge of bringing complex data analytics solutions into production.