Updates on Stateful Stream Processing with Apache Flink 1.7+


Stream processing still evolves and changes at a speed that can make it hard to keep up with the developments. Being at the forefront of stateful stream processing technology, the evolution of Apache Flink has mirrored many of these developments and continues to do so.

We will take you on a journey through the major changes in Apache Flink during 2018 which brought three major releases. We will dive into StreamSQL improvements such as new join types or complex event processing with SQL, look at more low-level-API changes, and see how Flink's core layer was improved to support dynamic resource allocation, better state handling and migration, and faster checkpoint alignments. We will also take a sneak peek at the upcoming release 1.8, Alibaba's Flink fork called Blink, and the merge of Blink features into upstream Flink.

Nico's bio and title: Nico Kruber is an Apache Flink committer and works as a Solutions Architect at dA. He is very passionate about open source projects and likes to dig deeper into Flink’s core to further improve performance and extend Flink’s capabilities where possible. Before joining dA, Nico was working on his PhD in parallel and distributed systems at Zuse-Institute Berlin.