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This is the second full-day hands-on Introduction to Apache Flink ( Workshop by data Artisans (

A big thank you to Zalando ( for hosting our workshop and providing us with lunch and drinks through out the day.

The workshop includes introductory tutorials and exercises for developers to get familiar with Apache Flink, and build Big Data applications using the platform.

The doors will be open at 09:30, the first session will start at 10:00 and we expect to finish at 19:00. After the workshop we would like to invite you to stick around for a beer (either at the Zalando office or we'll go down to the Spree weather permitting).

Please bring a form of ID to present at the reception. If your meetup-profile name is not your full name please send Evelien ([masked]) a message with your full name.


Set-up requirements:

The Flink training requires a few software components to be installed on your machine.

You can choose to either:
1) install all software on your machine or
2) use a virtual machine image that we provide and which contains all required software.

If you go with option 1), please make sure to have the following software on your machine to avoid spending your time updating and installing software:

- Java JDK 7 (or 8)
- Scala 2.10 (if you would like to work in Scala. Scala 2.11 not supported out-of-the-box.)
- Apache Maven 3.x
- Git 2.2.x
- an IDE for Java (and/or Scala) development (We have experience with IntelliJ and Eclipse).
Please make sure that all required plugins are installed: master/internals/ide_setup.html (

If you go with option 2), please have a virtualization software installed, that supports virtual machine images in the Open Virtualization Format (OVF).
OVF is supported by many virtualization solutions including VirtualBox and VMWare (please check if your version is compatible).

For more information and links go to:

We will cover the following topics:

• Overview of Apache Flink and how it fits in the Big Data ecosystem

• Setup of Flink on the participants’ laptops

• Flink’s APIs in Java and Scala

• Building an application using Flink’s APIs

Time permitting, we will also cover:

• Introduction to Flink Streaming, and building a streaming application

• Analyzing graphs using Gelly, Flink’s graph processing API

• Machine Learning with FlinkDeploying Flink in the Google Compute Engine

• Setting up Flink in a Hadoop 2 cluster

Participants are expected to be familiar with:

• Either the Java or Scala programming language

• Using a Unix shell

• Using an IDE (either Eclipse or IntelliJ)



The workshop takes place at the Zalando office at the Tamara-Danz-Str 1, 10243 Berlin.
Google Maps will take you too far down the street.
When you enter Tamara-Danz-Str coming from Mühlenstr you go left in between the first and second building on the left side.
Then go to the reception on the right side.

In case you can't find it give Evelien a call on:[masked]