KSQL Deep Dive, Kai Waehner - Technology Evangelist at Confluent


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18:00 - 18:30 - Mingling, Pizza & Beer
18:30 - 19:15 - KSQL Deep Dive Part I
19:15 - 19:30 - Break
19:30 - 20:15 - KSQL Deep Dive Part II
20:15 - 20:30 - Q&A

KSQL Deep Dive Part I:
- Apache Kafka Ecosystem.
- Kafka Streams as a foundation for KSQL.
- The motivation for KSQL.
- Live Demo #1 - KSQL intro.

KSQL Deep Dive Part II:
- KSQL architecture.
- Live Demo #2 - Clickstream Analysis.
- Getting Started.

The rapidly expanding world of stream processing can be daunting, with new concepts such as various types of time semantics, windowed aggregates, changelogs, and programming frameworks to master.
KSQL is an open-source, Apache 2.0 licensed streaming SQL engine on top of Apache Kafka which aims to simplify all this and make stream processing available to everyone. Even though it is simple to use, KSQL is built for mission-critical and scalable production deployments (using Kafka Streams under the hood).
Benefits of using KSQL include No coding required; no additional analytics cluster needed; streams and tables as first-class constructs; access to the rich Kafka ecosystem. This session introduces the concepts and architecture of KSQL. Use cases such as Streaming ETL, Real-Time Stream Monitoring or Anomaly Detection are discussed. A live demo shows how to setup and use KSQL quickly and easily on top of your Kafka ecosystem.

Kai Waehner works as Technology Evangelist at Confluent. Kai’s main area of expertise lies within the fields of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Messaging, Integration, Microservices, Stream Processing, Internet of Things and Blockchain. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as JavaOne, O’Reilly Software Architecture or ApacheCon, writes articles for professional journals, and shares his experiences with new technologies on his blog (www.kai-waehner.de/blog).

Contact and references: [masked] / @KaiWaehner / www.kai-waehner.de