Hike at Cattus Island (2B5-7)


Hike through tidal salt marsh, freshwater wetland forest of Sourgum and Red Maple and upland forest of oak and scrub pine. There are many boardwalks over wet areas. The unspoiled beauty of this park and its extensive trail system makes it a great hiking destination. Surrounded by Silver Bay to the north and Barnegat Bay to the south, the park has an extensive coastline with several sand beaches. We will also visit the Cooper Environmental Center. This is a photo-friendly hike. For those who bring a camera, we'll take our time to identify photographic opportunities.

There will be an optional post hike gathering.

AMC rating for this hike is 2B5-7

2 = Moderate (steady, comfortable pace)
B = Soft ground/sand/carriage trails
5-7 = between 5 to7 miles

Sorry, no mosquito's in Mosquito Cove at this time of year.