Meet Author and Sustainable Fashion Champion - Elizabeth Cline!


We are very lucky to have some seats available for ADN members to see this best selling author and sustainable fashion expert!

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PLEASE - while there is no charge for this event, be considerate and only reserve a spot if you are committed to coming . We have a limited amount of tickets for this event!

Elizabeth Cline is one of the world’s leading go-to experts on fast fashion, labor rights, and sustainability. Her seminal book, "Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion" (2012), is a founding book of the global ethical and sustainable fashion movement.
She is here in Boston for a handful of engagements to discuss sustainable fashion and her new book, "The Conscious Closet".

Parking is available in the Simmons Garage $14 for three hours.
Light refreshments will be served!