What we're about

All awesome Apple developers of Ahmedabad!
Let's connect with great developers across the city.
Let's develop great apps together.
Let's learn technology from the core.
Let's be masters of Xcode. Let's help each other to grow.

What we discuss at Apple Developers Club:

A.) Any Open Source framework you are contributing

B.) Development Practices + Git Versioning, Code Review & Release management

C.) Continuous Integration + Coding Guidelines

D.) Challenges in terms of Apple Rejections + Critical bug fixes

E.) New Products or apps early access or sneak-peak

F.) Tools and Services developers use internally to speed up development

What is an Apple Developers Club (ADC) ?

Apple Developers Club (ADC) is an exclusive community for developers who are interested in Swift, iOS, MacOS and watchOS platform.

ADC-Ahmedabad’s core focus is on developers who can gather, present/share ideas. Developers share demos and give tech talks to inspire the community. ADC is working towards building strong Apple developers community in Ahmedabad. ADC events take place on every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Why ADC-Ahmedabad?

As we have seen growing community of Apple developers in Ahmedabad, we felt that there was void for Swift / iOS forum to mingle, talk and share their ideas. As we felt the need to have a strong community of Apple developers who can not just increase their own knowledge base but also can help to nurture next generation of Apple developers.

ADC is…

• A community of individual developers

• A platform to share ideas, learn new tools

• A platform to meet great local developers/entrepreneurs community

• It is an open forum for any developer, student, organization, entrepreneur to join & present


• Marketing platform for bigger companies

• A POACHING place :)

• A closed group or run by any organization

ADC believes...

• Contributing to Open Source software (Everything we do is shared on Github) - http://github.com/adcahmedabad (http://github.com/mobilefirstinc)

• Hands on demo of new frameworks

• Connecting with Rockstar Developers from India & the world

What we are looking...

• More organizations to participate & present in ADC events

• Reach out to more students who are interested in learning Swift & Apple Technologies

• Contribute to ADC Code reports for building amazing Open Source community

Let's make the strongest tech community ever!!!!


Past events (14)

iOS 14: App Clips introduction

Online event

State of platforms:Fragments Ahmedabad (HasGeek)

DevX: Co-working Space and Startup Accelerator

ADC volunteers meetup to discuss roadmap for the year

Needs a location

ARKit (MeetUp - 11)

Solute TechnoLabs LLP

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