What we're about

This group is for people who already know ASL or Signed English and are looking for a way to practice it in a controlled setting. We will be practicing by playing DnD!

1. Must know ASL or signed English. This is not a group to learn ASL, as I am not able to teach anyone ASL. You do not have to be fluent, but you have to know how to read ASL and some signs. It's ok if you are slow and forget some signs, the point of this group is to practice what you know.

2. You must be willing to play DnD! DnD is Dungeons and dragons, a story telling game, that you create and become your character and lead them through the world that I will be creating for you! It's a great way to practice your ASL without having to talk about yourself, or politics, or whatever meet ups at coffee shops do.

3. Attendants must be over 18 and no children are permitted. Please get a babysitter if you plan to attend. No exceptions.

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