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We are very excited to confirm our 7th meetup which will be in partnership with JFrog on some awesome topics around AI & DevOps practices.

The great thing is that this one will also be virtual so you can ask questions throughout the session - in between each talk we will allow some time for the speakers to answer some of your questions.

Evening itinerary:

6:30 pm - 6:35 pm - Introduction for the evening

6:35pm - 6:50pm - Abubakar Ango - Technical Evangelism Program Manager @ GitLab -

Title: Shifting Left in post Covid19 era

Abubakar's story is truly inspirational. Coming from northern Nigeria, where opportunities are very few and far between. His passion and talent for tech, hasn’t gone unnoticed and works as a Technical Program Manager for GitLab remotely, which is pretty cool!

His talk will discuss the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic towards companies development lifecycles. Ways in which continuous delivery has had to change direction on processes that were not prepared for, creating security and quality risks. Also, looking at how ‘shifting left’ can help by permitting quality assurance checks early on and making it part of the development process, instead of an after-thought.

6:50pm - 7:05pm - Cherwin Nooitmeer - Ex Spotify/Ex Palantir Tech - DevOps Consultant -

Title: "The settings WE do not know about!"

In a world that increasingly depends more on AI to solve our challenges, one of Cherwin's main interests is ironically human intelligence. Cherwin will draw on an analogy which connects the dots between the mind, CPU, and programs. His talk will show us how, with Golang, thoughts can also be riddled with bugs similar to code. He'll be helping us to learn the tools necessary to debug your mind and to use them for upgrading yourself and helping others.

7:05 pm - 7:35 pm - Fred Simon - Co-Founder/Chief Data Scientist @ JFrog - & Matan Mashiah - Head of Data Science @ JFrog -

Title: "JFrog, DevOps tool leader, uses AI and ML internally. Our Story Revealed!"

This will be a collaborative presentation around how JFrog’s DevOps practices have automated their Data Science and model training to validate secure versions. They will dive into some Interesting AI/ML techniques they have built internally and how they see the future of DevOps and AI in enterprise.

Please remember to register to get the zoom webinar link :)