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"[...Applied Category Theory is] branching out into science, informatics, and industry. We believe that it has the potential to be a major cohesive force in the world, building rigorous bridges between disparate worlds, both theoretical and practical."
from the preface of
"Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory"
by Brendan Fong and David I. Spivak ( https://arxiv.org/pdf/1803.05316.pdf )

We started this meetup to go through this book together and meet once per month (every second Thursday) to discuss a chapter like in a book club.

The goal is to learn together in a welcoming and save environment and profit from group discussions.

We plan to cover the whole book in approximately one semester, but we'd also love to get speakers presenting topics connected to applied category theory. So if you would like to present, please do reach out to us.

If you can and like to host a meetup, we would also be happy about that sort of support.

Upcoming events (1)

Kickoff: Chapter 1 of "Seven Sketches in Compositionality"

1st Meetup of the Applied Category Theory Munich group. Chapter 1: "Generative Effects: Orders and Adjunctions" ----------------------------------------------------- TL;DR - 18:30 doors open + dinner - lightning talk: intro to the topic - review Chapter 1 ----------------------------------------------------- Let's get together to kickoff our book club! The plan is to already read the Introduction and most of Chapter 1 of "Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory" ( https://arxiv.org/pdf/1803.05316.pdf ). You could also watch the corresponding first two lectures here: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-s097-applied-category-theory-january-iap-2019/lecture-videos-and-readings/chapter-1-generative-effects-orders-and-adjunctions/ We start at 18:30 sharp in the third floor at Leopoldstr. 7. After some time for food, drinks and networking, there will be a lightning talk about category theory in general, its applications and some organizational framework for the reading group. We then walk through Chapter 1 together, recap the presented ideas and discuss some exercises. Come prepared with (interesting) questions/perspectives/applications! We look forward to a great learning opportunity with you!

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