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ChangeGamers work & playshop to support social change and justice

Hosted by Applied Improvisation London

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ChangeGamers brings together creative facilitators and front-line change agents to develop and promote new ways to enhance positive outcomes around inequality and injustice.
Play helps drive change because it enables us to step away from the markers of our identity which reinforce the sense of difference. In this new space, we start to make connections with people we used to see as “other”. Play breaks down barriers and builds bridges.

This workshop is for Change Agents and creative Global Citizens who are working to achieve positive change in any sphere to help society understand that we have More in Common than That Which Divides Us.

Process and Hosts: we follow the principle of collaboration for co-creation and shared learning. We have 3 hosts, but everyone is invited to influence the process. The hosts are: Lesley Adams, Damilola Apotieri and Jon Nicholas who all use creative processes in the fields of conflict resolution, community- and peacebuilding, mental health, and organisation development.

- Sharing and examining work contexts, dilemmas and ideas
- Creating, adapting, exploring and testing creative facilitation tools
- Engaging with like-minded practitioners
- Ending the week in a fun, creative and constructive way.
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