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Vyrábíme webové a mobilní aplikace pro iOS i Android. Na backendu vyvíjíme převážně v Node.js a Ruby on Rails, na frontendu v Reactu a Angularu.

Chceme s komunitou sdílet naše zkušenosti a dozvědět se také zajímavosti od vás.

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Microservices - How to scale your business

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Register here: https://experience.applifting.io/microservices-how-to-scale-your-business Do you want to succeed on the digital products and services market? Are you curious about modern approaches like Microservices in scaled software development? Or are you “just” interested in this topic? Attend our webinar on 24 November at 13:00 CET to find out more. The presentation will be led by our Solution Architect Nick Barbariiskii, who has 10 years experience in IT. He will talk about how to scale your business and gain a competitive advantage. You will get answers to questions like: - Why is it easier to be agile and maintain good quality in digital products and services at small-scale companies? - Why do almost all companies experience challenges in maintaining their speed and quality while growing? - How to use modern approaches like Microservices in scaled software development and avoid becoming a victim of "slipping critical deadlines" and "once-a-year release cycles" - What kind of challenges might you encounter on a business and technological level? - How can you tackle these challenges so that you constantly bring value to your customers and ensure their satisfaction? Register here: https://experience.applifting.io/microservices-how-to-scale-your-business

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Reinventing Organisations - TÝDEN INOVACÍ 2019

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