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ArangoDB Cologne Meetup
ArangoDB Cologne Meetup
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We are excited to welcome you to the very first ArangoDB Cologne meetup!

After the grand opening, our CTO, Frank Celler, will do a quick overview of the latest feature developments and what is coming with ArangoDB 3.4.

Then, Senior Graph Specialist, Michael Hackstein will talk about multi-model database movement, diving deeper into main advantages and technological benefits. He will introduce three data-models of ArangoDB (Documents, Graphs and Key-Values) and the reasons behind the technology. We will have a look at the ArangoDB Query language (AQL) with hands-on examples. Compare AQL to SQL, see where the differences are and what makes AQL better comprehensible for developers. Finally, we touch the Foxx Microservice framework which allows to easily extend ArangoDB and include it in your microservices landscape.

Talks will be in English.

If you are already a user of ArangoDB, or simply want to learn more about new tech, come around and join our grand opening. There will be snacks, pizza, beers, soft drinks and surprises :)

Grand opening - 18:30
Frank Celler - 19:00
Michael Hackstein - 19:15
Networking start - 20:00