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    • Event organizer
      Joined Apr 18, 2018
    • Joined Oct 4, 2016
    • Joined Aug 18, 2016
    • Joined Jun 9, 2016
    • Joined Apr 5, 2015
    • Joined Oct 24, 2014
    • Joined Oct 24, 2014
    • Joined Aug 19, 2014
      Worked for Arbortext from 1996 to 2008. Still working with the product, now at EAC.
    • Co-organizer
      Joined Jul 10, 2014
    • Joined Jun 23, 2014
      Arbortext/PTC developer and trainer since 1996. Currently (as of 2014), on sabbatical but available for occasional consults and gigs.
    • Joined Mar 14, 2014
      Avid user of APPP from the past 11 years.
    • Joined Mar 5, 2014
      Been working in tech Pubs since the 80's when I was a technical illustrator using pen and ink. Got into desktop publishing and SGML via CALS efforts and the rest is history. Most recently working in S1000D and DITA.
    • Joined Mar 5, 2014
      Tech Pubs Manager for a large Powersports company.
    • Joined Feb 11, 2014
      Information systems professional with a background in project management, systems analysis, and programming primarily within content-oriented organizations. Have contributed to major Editor customizations over the years as programmer and tech lead.
    • Joined Feb 7, 2014
      CEO of DATACOPY Publishing Solutions, a TC Partner focused on SLM solutions
    • Joined Feb 7, 2014
      Pre-Sales and Consulting within the Information Management marketplace for 25+ years. Prior specializing in Technical Publishing and Product-Service Lifecycle Management.
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      I've worked with Arbortext products for quite a few years
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      Arbortext support for a Tech Data dept with 20 Editor seats. XSLT is my favorite programming language, and I floss daily.
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      I'm a senior Consultant for Mekon Ltd in the UK. I've been involved with Arbortext since the days of Adept 5 doing devlopment, training support and sales.
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      A Senior Consultant at TerraXML, Inc. drawing on 15+ years of experience, Jason provides project and technical leadership. Recently, Jason has served as an Agile Scrum Master. Jason has a M.S. in IT and has presented at several Arbortext conferences.
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      New to working with Arbortext personally, but working at a company who has been using it for over 7 years.
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      I am primarily a Java/Ruby/PERL developer with 28+ years in comp.sci, 14 of which have been in publishing. I've been working with Arbortext now for 5 years
    • Joined Feb 6, 2014
      20+ years experience in technical documentation (writing, editing, testing), 15+ years in SGML/XML, working in hi-tech and government
    • Joined Feb 5, 2014
      New to APP for a year only. Many years professional publishing software development.
    • Joined Feb 1, 2014
      I am a long-time Technical Writer with experience in electronics, heavy equipment, US Military standards and software development teams. I recently moved to Arbortext and DITA, with ACM from many years of FrameMaker + DocBook tools.
    • Joined Jan 31, 2014
      A Arbortext Developer in Hong Kong , I love arbortext because 3b2 is my first publishing platform .
    • Joined Jan 30, 2014
      FOSI stylesheet developer with print/publishing background.
    • Joined Jan 30, 2014
      I am co-founder and work for Simonsoft GmbH, a value added reseller for PTC Arbortext solutions and other aftermarket and service related technologies.
    • Joined Jan 29, 2014
      SLM Architect for Ingersoll Rand
    • Joined Jan 29, 2014
      18 year veteran designer utilizing ProE. I recently accepted a position within my company as Content Management Leader with immediate responsibilities to implement Arbortext software and content management utilizing WindChill.