What we're about

This meetup group meets outside in natural areas in and around Grand Rapids to deeply engage our archetypal relationships to nature and to nurture fullness of life through those relationships. Primarily experiential, this meetup aims to facilitate experiences of soul and nature through archetypal and contemplative practices that invite us to explore new and expansive ways of being in and with soul and nature.

“The archetypes are rooted in the earth.”
(C.G. Jung, “Mind and Earth”)

“The primal world is ensouled. It communicates and has purposes.”
(Richard Tarnas, Psyche and Cosmos)

“When we consider the world to be alive and ensouled, we must expand our concept to include nature as well. We must move from being person-centered to being world-centered.”
(Stephen Aizenstat, Dream Tending)

Soul reaches out to us in the natural world - through leaves and rivers, hills and valleys, flowers and breezes, silence and bird calls, and also through our dreams, bodies, fantasies, visions, synchronicity, and other archetypal phenomena of life. Soul needs the images of the natural world, and the world needs us to experience them. Archetypal methods and practices offer many possibilities to engage in this dialogue with the world soul and help us bridge the modern gap between soul and nature.

Some of the practices we can explore in these meetups include:
• medicine walks
• dream work
• ritual
• somatic bodywork
• active imagination
• mythic and alchemical econarrative
• council and mirroring
• …and others

Rooted in Jungian/Archetypal concepts and in both modern and ancient, indigenous ways of knowing the natural world as alive, practices like these nurture a healing and proactive tending to our soulful and embodied presence with the earth. This meetup will explore these practices and invite us together to more consciously (re)imagine into our relationships with psyche, soul, and the natural world.

After a brief meet-and-greet, the meetups will open with a short introduction to topics and practices, followed by an invitation to engage in an experiential practice. While invitations to specific practices will be extended by the meetup facilitator, members are warmly encouraged to engage in their own favorite practice if they prefer and, if they feel comfortable enough, to also offer these with the group. The meetups will close with a talking-stick council session for mirroring and processing. Each meetup will be planned for 2 - 2.5 hours to allow ample time for the experience.

What to bring
Be sure to check the forecast and dress appropriately in layers. Most of the places we will meet offer typical nature trails, so the terrain will be diverse but mostly easy. Wear sturdy shoes appropriate for the place we plan to meet and that you don’t mind getting earthy. If desired, bring a blanket or camping chair for the council portion of the meetup. Be sure to bring plenty of water. You are also welcome to bring other personal items, such as your favorite walking stick, a journal, sage, or a drum. Again, if you have a practice you would like to engage in and/or share with the group, be sure to bring it also.

What not to bring
-I love dogs, but not everybody does…. and we all know what would happen if everyone brought their dog – it would be a lot of fun but would also distract us from the purpose of the meetup 😊 ….Properly trained and registered service animals are of course welcome! but please leave other dogs and pets at home. Thank you for your understanding.

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