What we're about

We are a group of software architecture enthusiasts who meet to do Architecture Katas.

What is an Architectural Kata- you ask ? Read on... http://blogs.tedneward.com/2010/06/17/Architectural+Katas.aspx

The first time, I did Architecture Katas was with Ted Neward (http://twitter.com/tedneward) at a workshop he hosted at NFJS 2011 in Boston (http://www.nofluffjuststuff.com/conference/boston/2011/03/home). I quite liked the experience. It was fun and very educational.

Three things I liked the most about the workshop was

A) I exercised my brain in way that I normally don't get a chance to do (I know!! I know !!)

B) I heard some excellent ideas from others - who obviously had worked on very different products and had different experiences than mine

C) It was very interesting experience forming a group with a bunch of people I had just met and start to build something together.

When I talked to others who had attended the same workshop, I realized that there are others as well, who are interested as well.

What to expect ?

Its not your usual user group where you come to hear someone's opinion. People will be coming to hear you opinion and you will observe how others approach problem solving.

All attendees will be separated into groups- of three or more. Each group is then given an architectural problem.

The problem statement has requirements and is in some sense vague. You can make reasonable assumption and can approach the "game-master" for clarification.

You then have about 45 minutes to discuss the problem and brainstorm within your group. At the end- you give a presentation and others ask questions and critique your proposal (No flashy presentation slides !)

Where and how often do we meet ?

We meet in Burlington, MA .Once a month. On or near the 2nd Wednesday of the month

Past events (5)

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