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Guided Meditation & Energy Transmissions
Guided meditation & energy transmissions. Working with the Arcturians & Beings of Light. Raising our Spiritual Light Quotient. Increasing our connection to the 5th Dimension. Personal & Planetary Healing. We are usually around 10-20 people. We meet in Kensington every Wednesday evening. Meditation begins at 7:15pm so please arrive any time from 6:45pm onwards. Charges by donation. Suggested donation £10.

A Beautiful Meditation Space

Kensington · London

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Guided Meditations & Energy Transmissions from the Arcturians.

Greetings to you.

The Arcturians are said to be the most evolved Beings in our Universe, from the star system Arcturus. They work closely with us to bring to us their energies and spiritual technology to assist us in Personal and Planetary healing and the Ascension.

As we work with them, we learn how to heal ourselves and our planet.

We also work with Sananda, Archangel Metatron, Chief White Eagle and many Beings of Light, all part of the Ascension team, sending us their energies to lead us into the Fifth Dimension.

There is a call Now to all Starseeds to Awaken to their Soul Mission.

We have successfully activated Kensington as a Planetary City of Light holding a Fifth Dimensional energy field which will gradually raise the vibration of the area. Planetary Cities of Light are an essential part of the ascension of the planet.

I have been working with the Arcturians and Beings of Light for some time and I lead a guided meditation with energy transmissions every Wednesday evening starting at 7pm. We also work one Sunday each month on the PCOL work at 4pm. Various other events also take place in our beautiful meditation space here in Kensington. We also work with the Arcturian Group of Forty and David Miller.

We currently have about 20 people working with us and hope that more will join. If you feel drawn to our work please contact me at



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