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Socialism. The only fair way to distribute wealth? Or the path to social misery?
Socialism is superior to capitalism in every way but one: has socialism ever worked? I will moderate this discussion. My goal is NEVER to censor anyone’s opinion. My goals are: 1. To keep the discussion from degenerating into heated arguments and nastiness 2. Verify factual claims (I will bring a computer) 3. Steer the discussion toward quieter members. I intend for these discussions to be friendly. Please do not attend if you can’t leave your politics aside long enough to make a few friends over drinks. John Rogers The Beer Shoppe Ardmore should have enough room for a small group. It has free Wifi and a wide selection of beverages and food.

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The Beer Shoppe

44 Greenfield Ave · Ardmore


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This group is dedicated to finding common ground on political issues. Our purpose is not to create argument and anger, but respectful political debate in bars in the Ardmore/Havertown/Bryn Mawr area. There are smart people on both sides of most political issues, and we should all be prepared to listen to the other side. The person who gets angry is the person who has run out of better ideas. We welcome all political viewpoints. Come meet others for a night of fun discussion over drinks. This is a free speech zone.

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