What we're about

Come join us and learn how to use and program the wildly popular Arduino. Through various classes we cover:
How to write and run your first program.
How to use libraries to do things you couldn't program yourself.
Controlling things with your Arduino (blinky lights, outputs, motors, etc)
INput, inPUT, INPUT... buttons and sensors
Advanced Arduino (write your own library code!)

This is a small (max 6 students) class, on weekends. Held only occasionally.

Classes last 2 hours.

Costs are:
$80 For parts costs (varies $15 to $80, depending on the class, $80 for the beginner class)

You will also need:
An Arduino Uno (compatible flavors, such as the Duemilanova also work fine) ((beginner kit includes one))
A laptop
A USB cable to connect your Arduino to your laptop

Further details will apply to particular meetups.

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