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Are you able to feel other people's pain and emotions? Are you highly intuitive and know others thoughts? Have you always felt different? Empaths feel all of these things as well as being overwhelmed in large crowds, sensitive to sounds, smells and more. If you feel you tend to absorb energy into your body and you may be struggling with this, then this Meetup is for you. I've dealt with this my whole life and I've only recently realized I'm an Empath! And this is not a curse it's a wonderful gift, and the world needs what we have to offer. Empaths are leading the charge to a more aware enlightened humanity!

Join us as we support each other and provide a safe space to understand what it is to be an Empath and learn to live and grow as an Empath. We learn about grounding and shielding, boundaries and energy vampires including narcissists. This group uses Judith Orloff's book "The Empath's Survival Guide" as it's guide.

We have a page on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/44089227297... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/440892272976895/)

Mission Statement:

This group is meant to provide a circle of support for Empaths everywhere so we don't feel alone .

We will have positive, effective meetings which are intended to educate us about our abilities as well as the challenges of our sensitivities.

Though it is important to be able to express our feelings, the intention for the group is to remain solution-oriented rather than just a place to vent.

Most of all, we're here to come together in community, learn, and grow.

This is above all a safe non-judgmental place. If you have any experience to the contrary please message the organizer immediately.

• PLEASE NOTE: WE have several members of our group that are EXTREMELY sensitive to ALL fragrances. I ask to please refrain from using fragrances including perfume, aftershave or essential oils on the day of the event.

No soliciting without permission of the organizers.

“Use of the City of Mesa meeting facilities does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies or affiliations of the user by the City of Mesa.”

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Are You An Empath - Bruce Feldhusen

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Empaths Monthly Discussion and Support

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Empaths Monthly Discussion and Support

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