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Just an afternoon get-together for tea. This place has all kinds of different teas, and I think you usually get your own small pot. FYI, I'm pretty seriously considering shutting this group down after this event. There's been an amazing number of people joining, which is awesome, but the overall turnout at meetups isn't what I'd hope for. If I had the surplus time and energy, I'd give it a full year (which is probably what you need to give a meetup group a solid chance of building momentum) but that ain't happening. So come on by and let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter, or other ideas for how to do what this group was intended to do. Or, if you're interested in 3D printing or puppets, let me know cuz I'm thinking about starting a meetup for one of those things :) (EDIT: Accidentally scheduled it for the wrong tea place in Ballard! Changed it just now to Miro.)


5405 Ballard Ave NW · Seattle, WA

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It's a terrible/awkward name for a meet-up group, I know. I'm pretty sure you can change the name later, though, so maybe I'll rename it if a better idea comes along. For now, I'm just gonna get the stone rolling and see if it gathers any moss.

Basically, this is my attempt to reach out into the swirling masses of people and see if I can't make some deep and lasting connections. Meet-up, as a platform for this kind of thing, is hit-and-miss, but I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm banking on the idea that the terms "extremely smart", "self-aware", and "socially competent" will resonate with a certain kind of person. I'm aware that these terms can have different meanings for different people, though. My hope is that it will be at least halfway successful, and it can maybe evolve from there.

Anyway, if you're interested in making meaningful connections, having deep(-ish) conversations, and bantering with people who can at least pretend to be a mature and decent human being for a couple hours at a time, then why not join us and we'll see what happens.

(FYI, meetups for this group will probably be scheduled in Seattle neighborhoods, at least to start with.)

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