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We are New Acropolis, a center of classical philosophy, art, literature and metaphysics, all geared towards inner development. Studing the wisdom of the ancients can help you get to know yourself, improve your quality of life and greatly enhance your personal growth.

New Acropolis is a Cultural Organization that is found in over 50 countries worldwide. Locally, New Acropolis has been on the Miami scene for over 25 years and has given numerous lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as helped the community through various volunteering programs.

These are some of the topics included in our introductory course:

Natural or Esoteric Philosophy

Man and Cosmos

Ancient India

Mysteries of Tibet

Buddhist Philosophy



Greek Tradition

Wisdom in Rome. The Stoics

The Neoplatonists. Plotinus

Hermetic Sciences: Astrology, Alchemy, Yoga

Antiquity of Mankind: History and Myth

Man, his Cycles and Rhythms

Timeless Philosophy

Exercises in Practical Psychology

Location: 3837 SW 8th St in Coral Gables

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Mysteries of Tibet: The Voice of the Silence

New Acropolis Cultural Association

Wisdom of East & West

New Acropolis Cultural Association

Wisdom of the East and West: 12-week Course

New Acropolis Cultural Association

Socrates' Proofs of the Immortality of the Soul

New Acropolis Cultural Association

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