What we're about

Interested in social dancing? Have you considered argentine tango?

You may be a Salsa, Jazz, or Hip Hop dancer .. or someone that who has never danced before ... join us ..and get involved in our community. You do not need to come with a partner. Come to one of our events and checkout our Tulsa Tango Community!

About Us

We are a group of Tango Addict. For most of us, it shapes our lives. And several of us have decided to get rid of our living room furniture .... to have more dancing space.

But most of all, this is a community of warm and fun people, who gather to dance , enjoy the music and socialize.

Even if you only see a couple of people signing up for events on this meetup, there is actually a good number of us attending. This meetup has for objective to advertise our tango events. So please join us in the fun!

About Tango

Tango differs from other dance genres... It is generally viewed as an experience combining passion, elegance, and sensuality. But it is so much more.

Although there are steps and styles you may use, you are free to make it your own. Tango is spontaneous and unchoreographed.

It becomes a lifestyle packed with opportunities to explore your own talent and personality. And you'll meet a whole new community of Tangueros and Tangueras, here in Tulsa, but also in many other cities.


- A ‘milonga’ is a social event where people go to dance Tango socially. It is also a style of music, usually lively and fun.

- A 'tanda' is a set of tango songs (usually 3 or 4 songs). At milongas, couples typically dance a whole tanda together, before returning to their seats to prepare for another set of tango songs with a different partner.

- A 'cortina' is a short break song or transition song ( about 30s ) played between the tandas to allow partner to get off the floor and prepare for the next tando.

- 'Códigos' are the Tango ‘codes of ethics’ or floorcraft guidelines for a milonga. These guidelines govern people’s behavior throughout the evening at a milonga — entering, being seated, chosing a partner, dancing, watching others dance, and leaving the dance. Respecting the tango códigos provides some discipline on the dance floor, and allows everyone to more fully enjoy their time at the milonga.

About This Meetup

The goal of this group is to inform the Tulsa Community of Argentine Tango events occurring in T-Town. Wonderful groups and individuals have stepped up to organize regular milongas (tango dancing events), classes and workshops.

They are keeping our Tango Community alive. My intent is to help a little and inform Tulsa of their events.

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CANCELLED due to virus- Basic & Int/Adv Practica

Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center

Basic & Int/Adv Practica/New Location!

Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center

Sunday Milonga at Glaciers!

Needs a location

Basic & Int/Adv Practica/New Location!

Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center

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