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Agriscaping is what you get when you bring together the Elegance and grandeur of creative Landscaping and the best of productive agriculture.

For those who enjoy creating ELEGANT - EDIBLE Landscapes

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Summer Gardening

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Is your summer garden set up for success and designed to survive the heat? Many gardeners try to extend their spring harvest, give up on their summer garden, or take a couple of months off to plan their Fall Garden. By following 7 simple steps for summer gardening success, you can have a lush summer harvest, regardless of whether or not your spring garden was successful. Register now for our free live webinar to learn how to plan and prepare for a lush summer harvest!

Surviving the Summer Heat (Tomatoes, Berries, Grapes)

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Are your tomatoes, berries and grapes starting to suffer in the summer heat? Do you know if they are getting too much or too little water? These plants can show stress early in the summer that can be easily addressed for a successful harvest. Learn why many commercial vineyards often begin harvesting grapes in July or August. Learn all about tomatoes, berries and grapes, how to protect them from the heat and create an environment for maximum yield in our upcoming free live webinar on surviving the summer heat.

Summer Watering Wisdom for Elegant Edibles, Trees, and Plants

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Hot temperatures means the right amount of water is crucial for plants. In many places in the United States, the first half of the summer is full of higher temperatures and lower humidity than the second half of the summer. As a result, watering strategies for a successful garden should be different in June than August. Garden design, soil type and plant age also play a role in watering schedules. Learn how to properly water new seeds, bulbs, herbs, vegetables, vines, shrubs and trees in our free webinar on summer watering wisdom for elegant edibles, trees and plants by registering now!

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Agriscaping Secrets and Edible Flowers

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