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Anchored by Phoenix Sunday Dance (https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixSundayDance/?fref=ts), which is facilitated by Nina Smith (https://www.facebook.com/smythicalnina) and deeply inspired by Gabrielle Roth's teachings of the 5Rhythms - Arizona Ecstatic Dance is a growing Community of conscious beings who regularly meet to experience one of the oldest movement practices on the planet. Letting go of self judgement we breathe and move consciously to music that is created to guide our journey within.

Each event is a different journey to allow deeper exploration of new vibrations and patterns of movement. It's about being present, discovering our expressive creative movement and authentically connecting to an amazing community of people.

For many of us, this has been a life changing EXPERIENCE. All that is required is an open heart, curiosity, and willingness to become more of yourself.

find more at: Arizona Conscious Dance FB Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/azconsciousdance/)

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"The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body (http://www.azquotes.com/quote/851033)" -Gabrielle Roth

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Sunday Dance

NRG Ballroom


Sunday Dance (https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixSundayDance/) Imagine a room filled with all sorts and varieties of humans, willing and ready to take a brief journey into connection and discovery of Self. We do this in the sacred space of the dance studio, moving freely to music created to transport us from our minds into our hearts, our breath, and our limbs. Allowing our bodies to express our thoughts and feelings into motion. Dancing consciousness. Moving into more of YOU. We begin with a guided warm up to get us connected with our bodies and breath, followed by about 80 minutes of freestyle, conscious movement. Ending together in a heart-centered closing circle. No one leaves a being a stranger. Dress comfortably to move, bring your water bottle. BE curious and Join US! Hosted by Nina Smith 15.00 Adults over 18 are welcome What you might experience at Sunday Dance (https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixSundayDance/)... As you enter the studio, remember that a sacred container has been created, and that we are all moving into our own inner space. Turn off your cell phone. Keep your conversations outside in the lobby. And BE welcomed into the dance! For the first 15 - 20 minutes we’ll be arriving into the room, arriving into our bodies, warming up, stretching. Breathe deeply, your breath will help to connect you with the process, especially if you‘re new to this practice. Anytime you feel unsure, focus on your breath, on the bottoms of your feet securely on the floor, allow your body to move freely. The music is designed in a ‘double wave’ moving from a slow circular flowing tempo to faster sharper staccato, building into chaos before releasing into lyrical, arriving at stillness then flowing again into the 2nd wave (as inspired by the 5Rhythms). Allowing us to move even deeper. In this form, the music is a guide/support into our inner realms. What am I feeling right now? How does my body like to move - right now? This is your time, your practice. Tune in, BE curious about your Self. If you feel the need to connect with another on the dance floor, remember - we are all in different places within, make sure you have full eye contact and consent before engaging another, before moving in too close. If you need to be lying/sitting down on the floor at any time, please do so on the edges of the room, very near the wall, keeping aware of moving dancers. There may be tears, shouts, or other forms of release happening on the dance floor. Do give space to the person in process, allow for their unfolding, we do not need to fix nor assist. The facilitator is holding everyone in awareness. Use the opportunity to deepen your own self-discovery. Honor each others’ space and journey, we are all moving into more of our Selves. Closing is our sacred time, a time to put our names into the circle and briefly share what is living in our hearts and minds. Pass the chocolate and YUUMmmmm… * Adults over 18 are welcome * DOORS CLOSE @ 10:45 am * This a fragrance-free/cell phone free space. * $15.00 per session, per person (5 class pass prepaid-$60.00 message Nina @ [masked]) Nina Smith (https://www.facebook.com/smythicalnina), ecstatic dancer and awakened Being, shares wisdom gathered from a lifelong love of learning and deep connection with spirit, through her dance and in expanded consciousness workshops and circles here in the Valley of the Sun and the world. https://www.instagram.com/smythicaldancer/

Tucson 5Rhythms w Melanie Cooley

Tucson Creative Dance Center

5Rhythms is a practice of dancing meditation set, frequently, to music. The classes use musical, verbal, and physical (non-contact) facilitation to help you cultivate a personal movement-based meditative practice in the 5Rhythms® tradition. By grounding in our physical experience, we can anchor our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives, giving us a strong foundation from which to engage with each other and our wider communities. fluencymotion.com [masked] 15.00 Doors close @ 6:10

~CommUnity Sol Dance~

Elk's Theater Performing Arts Center

Welcome to CommUnity Sol Dance! It is our intention to create a safe space for all to dance, connect with yourself and others if inspired, express authentically, be in and feel the present moment, explore your inner knowing, and lead with your heart wisdom~ ~ ~ ~ <3

Nourish - A 5RhythmsCourse

A Mindfulness Life Center

Too much in our world, in our lives, in our culture uproots us from our embodied selves, turns us into talking heads, out of touch with the physicality of our experience. But we are embodied beings. We experience all things in our bodies. And it is through our bodies–through movement, exploration, expression, attention, and awareness–that we we can cultivate the sensitivity and resilience to be fully human in this moment. This five-session 5Rhythms Waves intensive series with Melanie Cooley will take us deep into the fundamentals of 5Rhythms as an embodiment practice. In five in-person sessions we will practice grounding ourselves in the roots of the rhythms, planting the seeds of a movement-based meditative practice that will bring us home to our bodies, nourish our humanness, and set our feet toward new possibilities. Between sessions, online and at-home exercises will help you integrate the work into your day-to-day life and create a supportive community of practice. SESSION DATES March 2, 16, 30 and April 13 & 27, 11AM to 2 PM INVESTMENT Full price registration will be $225. fluencymotion.com/nourish My classes are open to and affirming of people of all genders, gender expressions, sexualities, races, ethnicities, ages, sizes, religions, and abilities. This is a drug and alchohol-free space.

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~CommUnity Sol Dance~

Elk's Theater Performing Arts Center

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