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Conscious Movement
A growing tribe of movers and shakers are discovering and unleashing their power in conscious/ecstatic dance, a combination of moving meditation, soul-stirring music, self-expression and sweat. Conscious Movement is not a “class.” There is no “teacher” instructing. There is no following the leader, mimicking or imitating. Rather it is a deep dance, movement meditation; facilitated by a leader who sets the theme, tone and intention of the room. There are no structured steps or rules other than keeping yourself and everyone else safe, and honoring others’ boundaries as to whether or not they want to engage in partnered dance. It is your choice whether to interact with other dancers. Look for the clear YES and the clear NO. Secondly, Conscious Movement is spiritual in nature, in that participants use it as a way to move deeper into themselves and access moments beyond the thinking mind, of absolute embodied presence for the sake of spiritual growth, health, guidance and healing. Through creating a safe, nonjudgmental and uninhibited space people are able to bypass the thinking mind entirely and move deeply into the feeling body, the healing body, the knowing body. This is ultimately a space to truly be yourself, with yourself. Be with yourself in motion to music, within community. We are inviting our*selves to be free and relaxed while in motion. The group creates a safe container for everyone to feel and express fully whatever is present for that day. Those attending a dance are everyday normal people who are open to experimenting with and expressing themselves through dance. Conscious Movement is for people seeking fuller self-expression, increased health, vitality and connection into a like-minded community. Throughout the musical journey, each participant’s body, mind and spirit dictates their own experience. Someone more timid and inexperienced may lie on the ground and stretch or sit in a corner and observe until she feels comfortable enough to dance freely. Those more experienced and adept at uninhibited dance may leap out the gate the minute the music starts and not stop gyrating, stomping, jumping and hollering until the very last note an hour and a half later. Most participants are somewhere in between, gradually finding their way out of their self-conscious head space and into the synergistic freedom of expression engendered by the group one step, spin and leap at a time. The combination of carefully crafted music/vibrational tones, a setting of intentions and an invocation of spirits by participants, creates an energy field that often affects dancers in many beneficial ways. As the dancers’ hearts open, and their judgments and self-consciousness decrease, the ritual space becomes more activated and can easily transport participants into ecstatic states. Please come with a soul*full respect for oneself and all present on the floor. Please be sure to: * wear comfortable clothing, clothes to move in * be prepared to dance barefoot or with dance specific footwear. * be hydrated & fueled. (a lite bite beforehand is recommended if necessary) * hold conversation outside of the studio space.* keep fragrances to a minimum. Pure plant essences only...from time to time these may be introduced into the sessions (if you have allergies, inform me) Absolutely No heavily scented detergent, fabric softener, or body products please! * be free of recreational substance... we're tapping our medicine within! * be conscious of the space, your tribe and yourself. -FOR FASTER CHECK IN- please register online @ and complete resignation form and liability release. This class is only $10. Did you know that we just added a membership program? It is totally worth it if you take more than two classes a week AND you get discounts on services from our practitioners, and discounts on workshops and retail. ASK!!!

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Anchored by Phoenix Sunday Dance (, which is facilitated by Nina Smith ( and deeply inspired by Gabrielle Roth's teachings of the 5Rhythms - Arizona Ecstatic Dance is a growing Community of conscious beings who regularly meet to experience one of the oldest movement practices on the planet. Letting go of self judgement we breathe and move consciously to music that is created to guide our journey within.

Each event is a different journey to allow deeper exploration of new vibrations and patterns of movement. It's about being present, discovering our expressive creative movement and authentically connecting to an amazing community of people.

For many of us, this has been a life changing EXPERIENCE. All that is required is an open heart, curiosity, and willingness to become more of yourself.

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"The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body (" -Gabrielle Roth

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