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AEA September 20th Meetup: Who Am I at My Best? with Jaye Andres
Who Am I at My Best? At the core of our being lie the essential qualities of our nature, the good within. Deep inside ourselves we sense the ability to be more than we present to the world. The Enneagram identifies higher emotional qualities of being that we call virtues. These virtues allow us to connect with patterns of serenity, humility, honesty, balance, non-attachment, courage, sobriety, innocence and right action. Each Enneagram Type also has access to permanent qualities of Presence such as love, wholeness, freedom, hope, originality, wisdom, faith, work and truth. Unfortunately, we tend to live out of our old habitual patterns that keep us tied down to emotional and mental habits. But we yearn for more. How do we identify these qualities in ourselves and how do we begin to live them out in our daily lives? Let’s explore what can be the best part of ourselves. Jaye Andres, MBA, is a coach and consultant residing in the Phoenix metro area. As a certified Enneagram professional and life coach, she specializes in moving individuals and organizations past beliefs and habits that are limiting so that they experience more effective and fulfilling lives. Jaye is a Founding Member and past president of the Arizona Enneagram Association. Cost: $10.00/per person or $5.00/per person who is a current AEA Member. Payment will be collected at the door. Registration in advance is extremely helpful in order to provide class notes, adequate seating, and name badges, as well as, administrative staff and volunteers needed for this event.

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What we're about

Have you ever wondered... “Why Don’t Others See Things the Way I Do?”

How we view and respond to the world is based on our personality type, shaped by beliefs about what we need for survival and satisfaction.

Are you asking these questions:

How can I understand myself? How can I understand others? How can I improve my relationships?

If you are, come join us. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self understanding and development.

The Arizona Enneagram Association (AEA) was founded as a nonprofit organization in order to continue to grow Enneagram programs. On our own for over ten years, we strive to further the teachings and promote the Enneagram for the residents and greater communities of the state of Arizona.

We primarily use a method of teaching the Enneagram known as the Narrative Tradition, which simply means that you learn about the Enneagram Types from those who know each of the type structures the best – the people of those types, themselves. A lot of the Enneagram training is conducted by way of the “Panel Method,” and facilitated panel discussions that are led by knowledgeable instructors.

The AEA offers a wide selection of introductory and advanced programs taught by experienced and masterful teachers. We also sponsor workshops through the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and through the Enneagram Institute, featuring internationally known teachers such as Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Russ Hudson and various others, drawing from a full spectrum of national and international thought-leaders.

In addition to teaching the Enneagram, it is the purpose of the AEA to:

Enhance communication and networking within the Enneagram community.

Assist in the continuing personal and professional development of our members.

Increase awareness of the Enneagram in Arizona.

Support Arizona Enneagram teachers, coaches, and practitioners.

Serve as a referral source for those seeking Enneagram information, teachers, coaches and practitioners in Arizona.

It is our intention to move this new organization in a direction that best serves you.

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