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Have you ever wondered... “Why Don’t Others See Things the Way I Do?”

How we view and respond to the world is based on our personality type, shaped by beliefs about what we need for survival and satisfaction.

Are you asking these questions:

How can I understand myself? How can I understand others? How can I improve my relationships?

If you are, come join us. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self understanding and development.

The Arizona Enneagram Association (AEA) was founded as a nonprofit organization in order to continue to grow Enneagram programs. On our own for over ten years, we strive to further the teachings and promote the Enneagram for the residents and greater communities of the state of Arizona.

We primarily use a method of teaching the Enneagram known as the Narrative Tradition, which simply means that you learn about the Enneagram Types from those who know each of the type structures the best – the people of those types, themselves. A lot of the Enneagram training is conducted by way of the “Panel Method,” and facilitated panel discussions that are led by knowledgeable instructors.

The AEA offers a wide selection of introductory and advanced programs taught by experienced and masterful teachers. We also sponsor workshops through the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and through the Enneagram Institute, featuring internationally known teachers such as Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Russ Hudson and various others, drawing from a full spectrum of national and international thought-leaders.

In addition to teaching the Enneagram, it is the purpose of the AEA to:

Enhance communication and networking within the Enneagram community.

Assist in the continuing personal and professional development of our members.

Increase awareness of the Enneagram in Arizona.

Support Arizona Enneagram teachers, coaches, and practitioners.

Serve as a referral source for those seeking Enneagram information, teachers, coaches and practitioners in Arizona.

It is our intention to move this new organization in a direction that best serves you.

For more information, please visit our website at www.arizonaenneagram.org

Upcoming events (4)

Breaking Through Your Fears- Body Center

Crossroads United Methodist Church


AEA Winter Meetups | January, February, March 2019 | 3 Part Series Breaking Through Your Fears (Type Panels at each Meetup) Fear and Anxiety at the coming of the new year hits us all. Recognizing our fears comes first, then learning to cope. But beyond coping with fears, we will explore alternative ways to break through our patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing when faced with fear. Each month we will explore one center: Heart, Head, or Body. We will ask the three types of each center to help us understand what they fear, how they express their fear, and how they move beyond their fear. Each Meetup will consist of one hour listening to the type panel followed by half an hour of small group discussion and conversation. March 20 - The Body Center (Types 8-9-1) facilitated by Jenny Yoder Jenny Yoder brings 20 plus years of expertise working in diverse roles from small-business ownership, distribution, sales, marketing, services and product management, operations, team facilitation, and change and transition employee communications consulting within high-tech organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 multinationals around the world. Her educational background in psychology and organizational management, combined with her ICF certification as a coach, support a masterful approach to transformative leadership development. As a certified Enneagram Teacher and experienced Team Facilitator, Jenny invites clients and teams to deepen awareness of their personal style, motivations, and tendencies to enable personal growth so that their habitual self-image, behaviors, and interactions with others more closely align with their intent. Perfect for people new or experienced in the Enneagram. Learn from the types themselves. Bring a friend or come alone and meet new friends. NEW LOCATION: Crossroads United Methodist Church at the southeast corner of Central and Northern NEW DATE AND TIME: 3rd Wednesday of the Month - Starting at 7 pm Cost: $10.00/ per person each month (cash, check, or credit card) will be collected at the door $5.00 if you are a current AEA Member (ask how to become a member)

Spiritual Jump Starts

Crossroads United Methodist Church


Spiritual Jump Starts: Connecting to Ourselves, Others, God and the Universe. What spiritual methods would work best for you? There are many ways to cultivate our spiritual awareness and learn to work with our inner observer. But what would be most effective for you? We all get caught up in our type-specific problems and certain practices may be more helpful than others, depending on our type. Spotting our blind spot is the first action, but then, what are ways in which we can let go and begin to create a new habit or option to how we respond to life’s difficulties? Come explore ways to travel your spiritual path with the help of the Enneagram Personality of Types. Led by Andrea Andress a retired deacon of the United Methodist Church. Andrea is a Spiritual Director and certified Enneagram teacher and founding member of the Arizona Enneagram Association. She provides individual Spiritual Direction and Enneagram Interviews on request. She also leads small groups with adult and children's groups in prayer, the Enneagram and Spiritual Formation. Connect with her by email at [masked] or[masked]. The event begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:30pm with time for visiting to 8:45 pm.

What Do You Avoid?

Crossroads United Methodist Church


What Do You Avoid? What do you avoid taking on and why? What behaviors do you justify or make excuses for? How is what you avoid related to how you want to be seen by others? Identifying what we avoid helps us have a discussion with ourselves about why we do this and how we might change our habits. It also gives us insight into our triggers. Led by Jaye Andres Jaye Andres has degrees in Psychology (b.Sc.) and Business (MBA). She also holds certifications in the Enneagram (narrative tradition) and Life Coaching. Jaye served on the AEA Board for six years and is currently AEA Executive Director. Jaye has lived and worked internationally, having been a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand and worked for seven years with the USAID in Zambia and Rwanda. As a life coach, consultant and workshop facilitator, her passion is to assist others in raising their self-awareness and move past limiting beliefs & habits to live a fuller, freer, richer and more peaceful life. Contact Jaye by email [masked] or www.Personality DynamicsAZ.com The event begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:30pm with time for visiting to 8:45 pm.

The Enneagram and Intimacy

Crossroads United Methodist Church


The Enneagram and Intimacy All levels of intimacy definitely play a part in the complicated mind-body connection that helps people cope better and improve their quality of life. It is now well-accepted that people who have close, supportive relationships with others are generally healthier, both physically and emotionally, and cope better with stress. People who have low levels of intimacy are prone to higher levels of emotional disturbance, especially when they experience many negative life-changing events or few positive ones. It has been proven that life-affirming relationships and interactions undeniably have a positive effect on our overall health and happiness. Please join us for a lively and interactive session in which we’ll explore the five levels of intimacy and how our Enneagram type/subtype might be at play in establishing and maintaining healthy levels of intimacy in both personal and professional relationships in which we can feel emotionally safe and free, supported, valued, and respected. Led by Sandy Hogan Sandy is a certified, professional integral (holistic) coach, in private practice for nearly 15 years. Dedicated to "evoking of others the highest in themselves" – which has been her calling since the age of 14 – Sandy is nationally known for her creative and compassionate coaching style with leaders at all levels, designed to foster self-awareness and self-mastery, spark new insights, and build specific leadership competencies. Using the Enneagram as a developmental tool, leaders can clarify and augment their vision of themselves, be free of conscious or unconscious self-sabotage, identify and claim more of their natural strengths and abilities, be more awake to themselves and to others, move in the direction of their natural evolution towards what matters most, and live a meaningful and happy life. Creating individualized coaching programs based upon the Enneagram and other integral coaching models, Sandy has achieved excellent results with diverse clients nationwide. She’s noticed that her clients experience a "nudge" from deep within that is prompting them towards expansion. Coaching often provides the vital and solid first steps toward organic growth, transformation, authentic leadership presence, and lasting change. Visit Sandy's website: www.sandyhogan.com Contact Sandy by email | Contact Sandy by phone at[masked] The event begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:30pm with time for visiting to 8:45 pm.

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Breaking Through Your Fears- Head Center

Crossroads United Methodist Church


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