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Scottsdale Masonic Lodge hosts Friend to Friend sharing
Many feel that Google or other searches are the end all, be all for information gathering. While these pages may be ok for some information, when facts are misled and inaccurate information is available, you can't trust the source. Why not ask a Mason? We are willing and eager to discuss all aspects of Masonry except how we identify one another. You can come by and hear about how the Constitution was created. Learn about History and spirituality. Learn how our "handshakes" came about. Learn about or Parables that teach spiritual, Moral, and Ethical lessons to anyone with an interest in personal development or personal growth. Our motto is simple, we help make good men better. Those better men make better husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and in turn better citizens and better members of communities they live in. We are the oldest and largest fraternity in the history of Mankind. We can trace our roots back to 923 AD and our principles are rooted in deep spiritual concepts. While we are a men's organization, we have affiliated groups for women and children. If you have heard of the Shrine of Shriner's Children's hospitals, you know that the Shriners treat the medical needs of children without taking any money from their family. We love helping children. What you don't know is that ALL SHRINERS are Masons first. The Shrine is one of the appendant bodies of Masonry. Come down to our Lodge and sit with a Mason and get your facts from us. Some of what you read online is NOT accurate. Let us explain recognized Lodges and clandestine lodges. Just because someone calls themselves a doctor doesn't mean they went to school and received the education equivalent to a PHd. Just because someone says they are a Mason doesn't make them a Mason. Learn the difference. Stop by one of our meetings and introduce yourself. We'd love to meet you. Dinner is at 6, free for first time guests, bring your significant other too.

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Masonry is a curious topic with a lot of misinformation out there. You wouldn't ask a Veterinarian about how often to water a rose bush, why Google information about Masonry? Ask a Mason. There are things we do and things we don't do. We don't recruit. We don't dictate what you should think. We aren't a secret Organization. We have no criminals among our membership. There are more of what we aren't but let's focus on what we are. We help make good men better men. 1/3 of the signatures on the US Constitution were Masons. 14 past Presidents were Masons. Every man to walk on the moon was a Mason. We know there is a lot of misinformation out there about who we are and what we stand for. Masons are Patriots. Masons are businessmen. Masons have a deep belief in spirituality although we are not a religion, having a religious conviction is mandatory. If you are interested enough to read this far, why not accept our offer and stop by our Lodge for a visit. We meet every Thursday evening at 6pm for dinner then we have a program called Friend to Friend where one or more Masons will sit with guests and answer any question you have about Masonry. Why not trust a Mason and not what you may read online. Visit us, we'd love to meet you. Gentlemen, if you'd like to bring your wife or girlfriend, feel free, it's best if they know what you're interested in as well. Besides, they tend to ask better questions. See you soon.

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