Oracle Database Security Master Class

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Republic Services - 2nd Floor Conference Rooms

14400 N 87th St (AZ101 & Raintree) · Scottsdale, AZ

How to find us

Bring your laptops to participate in hands on opportunity. Check in with the Security Guard on second floor and he will check you in and direct you to our meeting room.


Oracle Database Security Master Class:

Year after year Oracle databases that should be secure are violated. In some cases data is stolen, in some cases data is altered, in some cases the database is not the target but rather is means to an end. In almost all cases there is no excuse. No excuse ... but there is an explanation. Oracle professionals do not receive training on the threats and how to detect and prevent them. This, of course is not helped by the fact that business and government management focus their money and efforts on expensive things that don't solve the underlying problem and on training to recognize irrelevant threats: No Oracle Database was ever protected by someone not clicking on an email from a Nigerian Prince.

The AZORA security master class, taught by Oracle ACE Director Alumnus Daniel Morgan, will be hands on and will focus on teaching through intensive lecture, demo and live-labs. What will you learn in the class? You will learn how to successfully break into an Oracle Database. Because, if you don' know how to break in, you don't know how to stop someone from breaking in. We won't just talk about SQL Injection attacks we will commit one. We won't just talk about using an Oracle Database as an attack tool ... we will perform a White Hat attack across the internet on a target of your choice. We won't just talk about creating proxy users ... we will do it. And you will learn, hands-on, how to prevent someone from accessing a database even when they have a valid userid and password.

This class will not be a sales job promoting any company, any product, any license, or any service. Come join us and bring note paper, a pen, and if you have one a laptop with Oracle Database 11gR2 or above installed. At the end of the class you will leave with something you didn't bring in the door ... knowledge of things you can do to make your data and your databases more secure.

Oracle ACE Director Alumnus Daniel Morgan is, this year, celebrating his 50th year in IT. Morgan has been working with Oracle products since the late 1980s with a practice focused on deployment optimization and security. He is currently employed as the Director of Applications at TidalScale where he focuses his efforts on solving business problems with software defined servers.


A little more about Dan Morgan:

Dan Morgan created this Security Master Class as the intersection of two of his passions: education and security. Dan's focus on education began with his position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington where he created the Oracle curriculum and was the program's primary instructor for 11 years, retiring in 2009 so that he could travel as an ACE Director ... to date to more than 100 Oracle conferences, in 42 countries, on 5 continents. Dan's security focus has been sharpened through his consulting work where he has provided data and database security expertise for one of the world's largest defense contractors, for the US Army (RRAD), US Navy (JBPHH, PSNS, and NUWC), for the Harvard University School of Public Health, for one the world's largest insurance companies addressing issues related to GDPR compliance. In addition Dan has also been retained as an expert witness by attorney's working with personal (PII) and personal health (PHI) data, by public universities, and by one of the world's two largest pharmacy chains.