Oracle Autonomous Database "What's the Admin Role?" & "Let's Talk AI, ML, & DL"

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Learn about Oracle's Autonomous Database focusing on the Admin's role, talk a bit more about AI, ML and DL and get the highlights from Oracle Open World #OOW 19 -- all of this in one afternoon with lunch.

AZORA's Meeting Agenda:

12:00pm -1:00pm Lunch - Sponsored by OneNeck IT Solutions
1:00pm -2:00pm "Oracle Autonomous Database -- What's the Admin Role?
2:00pm -2:45pm Break & "Oracle Open World #OOW 19 Recap
2:45pm -3:45pm "Let’s talk AI, ML, DL
3:45pm - 4:00pm Q&A - Wrap up, learn more about our meeting sponsor - OneNeck IT Solutions" and raffle.


Oracle's Autonomous Database -- "What's the Admin Role?"

What’s the DBA’s or Admin’s role in Oracle Autonomous Database – the answer depends on who you ask. You would get answers like “No DBA required, we manage everything, you manage the application”, or “We want DBAs to focus on data security and data integration. DBA’s work closely with the business and data analytics”, or “DBAs do not have access to the Operating System or the CDB or a DBA account. There is not much they can do anyway”. Is that the reality? Let’s deep dive into Autonomous Database (ATP, ATP Dedicated and ADW) capabilities, what it does perfect, where an on-premise Admin needs to give a hand, and what database administration tasks are still DBA responsibility.

Oracle Open World #OOW 19 Recap

Oracle Open World is September 16-19, 2019. Biju is attending and presenting at OOW19. Hear from him on the latest and greatest from OOW19. We are expecting many announcements on the new features and improvements to Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Microsoft Azure partnership, and probably a glimpse of Oracle Database 20c flagship features. Review of OOW19 and Oracle’s cloud roadmap.

Let's Talk AI, ML, and DL

You hear everywhere that your job is going to go away, will be taken over by machines and you need to be doing something different to be relevant. If your job involves making a decision based on a pattern or data analysis (radiologist, or a mid-level manager, for example) be sure that such positions will undergo a drastic transformation soon. Uber completed 10 billion rides in 2018, almost doubled the number of trips from 2017 to 2018. AI is used everywhere possible in Uber. Uber changed your life as well as impacted millions of taxi drivers. In this session, we go over the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). How these technologies impact you as a human being and as a developer or as a data analyst or as a database administrator. The future is bright; AI is a partnership, not a war.

Our Speaker -- Biju Thomas

Biju Thomas is a principal solutions architect with OneNeck since 2007. He currently serves as the senior architect and mentor for the database function at OneNeck.

For more than a decade, Biju has been actively engaged in OneNeck’s administration of the Oracle database and Oracle E-Business Suite, including the architecture, configuration and tuning. He leads the Oracle advisory services group in helping customers architect and configure Oracle systems efficiently. He makes Oracle-related presentations at major conferences. In addition, Biju has published many articles and books. He is an Oracle OCP Administrator and Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert.

For more than 20 years, Biju has been concentrating on Oracle Technologies in various roles and is part of the Oracle ACE Program that recognizes members who are technically proficient and make significant contributions within the Oracle community. In fact, he is one of 34 Oracle ACE Directors in the United States and among 105 ACE Directors worldwide (as of March 2019).

Biju provides daily Oracle Tidbits and shares technical content on Twitter (@biju_thomas), Facebook (@oraclenotes).

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