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Scientific Shamanism is the combination of our ancestors collective wisdom from the "Non Ordinary Dream Realm" or "Quantum Informational Field" and sometimes called "The Shamans Realm." This group is all about applying cutting edge science to ancient knowledge to form a new field of understanding called scientific shamanism. Make no mistake, this wisdom has been around for at least 77,000 years, according to anthropologists and the field of "Transpersonal Psychology" has showed that we can use modern Western Scientific terminology and outlook to unlock its ages old secrets. Our job now is to Map this realm with a kind of scientific GPS that is applied to our ancestors wisdom to unlock these mysteries like Near Death Experiences, unseen help from what our ancestors and current shamans call spirit guides and teachers. We intend to try and find the key to health, love, wealth, and joy in life by mapping the unseen cosmos. Calling all explorers! And we have a way to do this.....

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Tuscon beach rally to heal.

Tucson beach, in the Rillito river from Swan to Alvernon bend

Envision Tucson Sustaianble Festival

YWCA Tucson

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