What we're about

We are the Meetup group for translators and interpreters in the state of Arizona.

This Meetup is sponsored by Arizona Translators and Interpreters, Inc., a non-for profit organization dedicated to teaching individuals about translation and interpretation in the state of Arizona. ATI connects language professionals, holds quarterly workshops, an annual conference and monthly social meetings.

Whether you are a veteran or a new language translator or interpreter, we would like to welcome you to this group, and perhaps to one of our upcoming events. Phoenix and Tucson have been strongly represented, but we want the entire state to be part of ATI, we want to encourage our members to hold Meetups in different cities to give a chance to our colleagues throughout the state to network as well. Please feel free to contacts us with suggestions for restaurants and locations and we will be happy to hold a Meetup in your location.

Our intention is to help our industry and members provide the highest levels of professionalism, quality and customer service to the community. At our meetings, veteran interpreters can discover new work opportunities, and new interpreters can learn about training, and can also interact with seniors who have made professional translation and interpretation their career. Members are here to share experiences, educational information and business opportunities with each other.

In addition, please make sure to RSVP for this event so we can plan accordingly. If you cannot RSVP or create a login send an email to secretary@atiinc.org. We kindly ask you not to show up without letting us know first as we may have trouble finding additional seats depending on the size of restaurant chosen.

For more information about Arizona Translators & Interpreters, please visit:

www.atiinc.org (http://www.atiinc.org/)

Facebook page:




Are you interested in volunteering? We are always looking for passionate and dedicated professionals!

Contact Flávia Lima - Secretary at: secretary@atiinc.org

Past events (82)

Tucson May Meetup

LaCo Tucson | Outdoor Downtown Tucson Restaurant

April Meetup to discuss the Spring Webinar

This event has passed

March Zoom Meetup

This event has passed

Meetup after Winter Webinar

Ocotillo PHX