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Thankyou so much for being interested in this meetup. I have written three novels and I wanted to network and meet other passionate writers. If you are at the beginning of your journey or down the long road of lonely persistence in the writing experience, I figured why not meet up, chat about it, cry about it and inspire one another. I am hopeful to create an anthology book of a collection of writers events at local venues where we can read and share stories, plus casual meetings at my house to talk about writers block and why we love to write :)!

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A Night of Stars

The Garage Art Gallery

I figured why not have an art/coffee shop night. So The Night of Stars is going to be a night at the garage art gallery, where I am going to put up all these romantic night photos of the city that I have taken over the years, and I am going to showcase for the first time my new poetic songs I have created from the book I am writing about Sylvia Plath....I am going to have three actresses read short stories from the books, the kind of stories specific to woman empowerment, betrayal and failure, get Mack to hopefully showcase a night of his one man show improv, and have the most recent copies of the Sylvia Plath book to give out. I figured we can set the garage up like a coffee shop, with coffee and pastries and little tables and chairs. So come join us, for a small intimate night with art!

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The Garage Art Gallery

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